Light Pole Automatic SAW / MIG Shut Welding Machine

Product Details

Light Pole Automatic SAW / MIG Shut Welding Machine

This machine is specially designed for light pole automatic seam shut and welding.
Welding method: Submerged Arc Welding / MIG Welding.
LIGHT POLE WELDING MACHINE is suitable for one shell type polygonal and circle taper light pole. It is automatic welding line, the dolly with speed adjustable motor can pull (or push) the light pole from small end to big end, The hydraulic cylinder through mechanical chain, worm wheel push the clamping wheel to close the pole and do welding at same time.

The machine includes the following items:
Long working table with rack for pull dolly.
Dolly for pulling pole
Hydraulic clamping and welding unit (including 3 sets clamping wheels for polygonal and circle pole)
Submerged Arc Welding system, including welding wire feeding system.
The flux recovering system
Back support unit
Hydraulic system

Technical Parameters



Workable length  

Max. 16000 mm


1500 MM

Suitable light pole Thickness

Light pole diameter: 60~500mm

Max.thickness: 4mm

Light pole diameter: 250~500mm

Max.thickness: 6mm

Power of Motor for Pump

4 KW

Power of Motor for pulling dolly

4 KW, AC speed changeable type.

Welding Machine

Lincoln: DC600+LN-10 wire feeder/ China MZ630

Welding wire diameter

1.6~2mm welding wire, according the pole thickness

Working Speed

1.1~2m/min (Note: different thickness speed will be different )

Gross weight

9500 kg

Overall  sizes (mm)

24000x2000x2000 mm

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