Hydraulic Cylinder Oil Port Automatic TIG / MIG Welding Machine

Product Details

Hydraulic Cylinder Oil Port Automatic TIG / MIG Welding Machine

Oil port automatic welding machine is suitable for switch pedestal and ball cylinder welding of the ball valve. The machine is driven by motors, controlled by the PLC, assisted controlled by electrical relay, so it can be realize automatic welding. Welding current and welding can be set on the operation panel. It has high automation level. The machine is composed of welding torch driving part, pneumatic system, electric control system and gas shield welding power source.
The machine is vertical type, it is consisted of workpiece holding part, torch mechnical control part. Machine frame, MIG welding power source, wire feeder, Shape copying structure. 

Welding torch automatic control part
-Welding torch lifting part: it consisted of pedestal, rail and torch lifting pneumatic cylinder. It is used for the torch up and down, which the speed can be set by the adjustment valve. The time of torch up and down can be set by the PLC.
-Welding torch round moving part: it consisted of torch round moving axis and gear.
-This machine adopt: the workpiece fixed on the table, the torch moving around the workpiece. For convenient, the welding speed can be set on the PLC.
-Torch up and down minute adjustment part: it consisted of spring.roller.
-Pneumatic part: It has a pneumatic cylinder. 

Electric control system
Voltage standard:415-50Hz-3ph. It consisted of PLC, driving part and related cables for connection. So, it can realize automatic welding of the equipment.

Technical Parameters

Diameter range of the oil port

15 mm to 50 mm

Oil Port height(mm)

20 mm to 50 mm

Diameter range of the oil cylinder(mm)

50 mm to 200 mm

Oil cylinder length(mm)

200 mm to 1500 mm

Welding speed


Step adjustment stroke

80 x 80 mm

Welding torch lifting stroke


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