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Automatic car washing machine purchase investment also need to have technology

Automobile maintenance market as domestic car ownership has increased rapidly expand, wash the car as a vehicle daily maintenance indispensable link, as the saying goes, "one", so the choice of car washer is very important to the wash.So, what should we pay attention to in the car washing machine?

1. Work efficiency

The efficiency of car washing machine directly affects the income of car wash. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the equipment control degree, technical level, switch control and program control of the car washing machine.

2. The reliability

Car washer in the environment is moist and complex, so the stability and reliability is very important, choose a good car washer, can be in such a complex environment for better life time and reduce the occurrence of failure.

3. After-sale service and maintenance of car washing machine.

In general, a good washing machine is also equipped with a good maintenance and after-sales service, so enterprises after-sales service team and the strength is also affect the normal operation of the use of the washing machine and the wash, the important factors that will affect the normal service life time washing machine.

Currently engaged in car washing equipment manufacturers more and more, for the user to select the variety of brand equity is the major factors influencing the users to make a purchase choice, especially those who just contact "technology is a small white" washing machine equipment, more is the reference the influence of the brand in the industry and then to buy, here small make up remind users want to combine their use need to invest and economic ability.

Car-Wash  company products are gantry car washer, tunnel car washer, mobile car washing machine, medium bus washer, avoid contact washer, engineering vehicles car washer, trash, washer, sewage circulation purification system, etc.The gantry car washing machine is used in gas stations, car washes, automobile beauty shops, 4S shops and bus stations all over the country, which is highly recognized by the market.