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Automatic girth welding machine

Automatically ring sewing welding machine is General automatically ring sewing welding machine of a, applies range quite widely, automatically ring sewing welding machine used horizontal bed body, distribution can regulation angle of rotating head, and pneumatic tail seat and X-Y two axis electric drag Board, rotating head can upper and lower 90 degrees flip, except normal of horizontal welding outside, also can for vertical welding, head spindle used servo motor drive, can precise set welding speed and weld overlap angle.

Torch fixed in electric drag Board of gun frame Shang, its before and after around and tilt angle are any can adjustable, and set has pneumatic mention gun institutions, two axis electric drag Board used line guide, and precision ball silk rod and the step into motor drive, supporting using full Chinese, and interactive operation programming of NC system, positioning precise, operation simple, function powerful, can on rules of ring sewing, and straight sewing and various shaped weld achieved automatically argon arc welding, and CO2 protection welding, and MIG/MAG automatically welding.