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Car maintenance strategy sharing

1.Car maintenance 3 should not.

3 to

1.The body should be checked in time.

The most vexing aspect of the appearance of the body is the rust, which is caused mainly by metal metal directly fighting the outside world.In addition to the common causes of collisions, scratch, there is no matter, day long rust outside, still have a situation that is driving the vehicle tire bump up the small stones of point, will make paint peeling dot one by one, little rusty spot.This kind of small Chen trace is often ignored, should check the body of car body, mobilizing machine cover and car body normally on time, once the invention is about to deal with reward and punishment immediately.

2. Maintain the car's early finish.

After buying a new car, you should have a mirror glaze on the car.Mirror glaze is the main factor of polymer polymer, it is directly immersed in car paint appearance.When glazing, wash the body first, then use the polishing machine to press the mirror glaze through the vibration into the interior of the car, forming a smooth and smooth screen, which greatly improves the hardness of the paint surface.At the same time, the characteristics of high temperature resistance to ultraviolet radiation better cover the car paint. If the car washes the car on time, the mirror glaze results can be kept for a year.The latest national car offer.

3. Ordinary toothpaste on the car.

The simple way to deal with it is to go to the store and get rid of it.If you want to save money and save money, you can wait for a similar damage in the car to be repaired.

3 don't:

1.Don't wipe the body with a duster.

Many drivers habitually use a duster to wipe the windscreen and remove the paint from the car.This is a real self-deception.There is a lot of dust in the duster, the car owner USES the same duster to clean the car every day, just like a file on the car paint, the hand on the car paint the fine scratches;The hair wheel of the inferior car wash machine USES the hard material such as nylon wire, the hair wheel spins at high speed when washing the car, and has a strong cutting force on the appearance of the car;Ordinary wax adding abrasive particles in the city, decoration workers wages wax, can turn the circle grinding polishing, grinding paint bright is the essence of the particles of these invisible to the naked eye will paint polishing process.Water wax is tender and volatile, and it can't penetrate into the interior of the car by hand friction. It can only strengthen the brightness of the car paint, and there is no repair work on the light of the paint.

2.Don't cover your car with cars parked outside.

Once catch the wind rain weather, the wind and rain outside clothing, clothing lining will be repeated smoke taxi paint, draw numerous way of tiny scratches in car body, these scratches all over the car, washing wax or can't completely to eliminate, a long time will cause paint hair black.

3.Don't keep water inside the door.

Where the body is easy to water, such as the rim of the wheel, the bottom of the door and the luggage compartment, and the corners, the time is long, and it is easy to rust.If the door trim below the drain plug or not very smooth, infiltration of rain or when the car wash water durable product stay inside the door, for a period of time in the future, will start from inside-out rust, and invention, is very difficult.

2. Pay attention to the details of car maintenance.

Now all attention to detail decides success or failure, maintenance of the car also attention to detail maintenance.Many of these fans are people carefully, not only their car regular maintenance and maintenance, also often collects all kinds of auto insurance on pet ownership small knowledge, but it's still hard to avoid can reach of the missing who pay attention to.Now I want to give you a comprehensive overview of the details of maintenance.

1. Look for appearance.

Before getting out of the car, it is better to look around the car to see if there is any damage to the lighting device, whether there is a tilt in the car body, whether there is oil leakage or leakage, etc.Then check the tire's appearance, doors, engine hatches, luggage covers and glass.

Condition.Check the wear condition of the tires and clean the trunk;The tire should be replaced when it is close to the abrasion mark of the tire, and check whether the tires have bulging, abnormal, abnormal wear, aging cracks and hard injuries.

2. Bird droppings lacquer surface.

You may not think that guano can cause a lot of damage to car paint.Because bird droppings belong to alkaline substances, if adhered to the surface of the body, after sun exposure, it will corrode the surface of the body of the oil, leaving a mark that cannot be washed away.When the body surface has bird droppings and other substances, should be cleaned immediately with clean water.If the imprint still cannot be eliminated, should go to car 4S shop or professional car beauty shop to do body surface spray paint treatment.

3. The sandwich shall be rusted.

The rust prevention is different from that of the chassis, which mainly refers to the position of the interlayer under the window glass.When it is raining or washing a car, the acid rain or washing water will infiltrate through the window glass. If it is not treated for a long time, the door compartment may be corroded and the internal rust will occur.Therefore, it is suggested that the car owner should conduct professional inspection on the vehicle compartment in a timely manner, and find that rust should be made at once to prevent corrosion of the surface.

4.Wash your car after the rain.

Many car owners believe that when the rain is washed away by rain, there is no need to wash the car again.In fact, the rainy day, road asphalt fine dust, dirt, dust, adsorption in car body paint, if not washing the car, after a few days after the sun insolates, will leave to trace out the obvious, the owner will only spend more money to do paint spraying.

5. Car wash "prevent" high pressure.

When using the automatic car wash machine, the use of the poor automatic car washing machine may cause the paint surface to appear scratches and lose luster.When carrying out the high pressure car wash, the car is mainly prompted to wash the car manufacturer to comply with the car manufacturer's attention to the car washing equipment.If some parts of the car are damaged, it is recommended that the owner not use high-pressure cleaning when washing the car in the future.Avoid water intrusion into the lock when washing the car.

6. Constantly exhaust vents.

Real owners often encounter situations like this when they eat out: the restaurant is almost full, and there is only one place that is right at the top of the lampblack -- trying not to stop.While parking,

The owner should choose a cool, dry place, pay special attention to don't stop on the air conditioning dripping or lampblack exit, so as not to alkali and high temperature condensed water from air-conditioning lampblack to body paint "invisible"

The damage.

7, the wiper can self-check.

The increase of rain will inevitably make the wipers bear more responsibility, and the inspection of the wipers should be more careful.The car owner can put the windshield wiper switch at various speed positions. Notice whether there is any vibration or abnormal noise in the work, and check whether the wiper can maintain a certain speed at different speeds.Also can use the finger to touch on the rubber rain scraper, check the rubber blade's elasticity.