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Foam washing and ordinary car wash

What is a bubble car wash?

Foam washing car, also known as water wax washing car, in the car wash contains rich paint surface to lighten the active factor, can make the vehicle clean and bright after the washing, radiant.The paint has a strong texture, it is a high - grade car wash with no scratch, no hand, and a PH of 7.

It has super ability to remove dirt and dirt, quickly and thoroughly decompose stains, and can be clean without wiping.Bubble washing liquid is pure natural cleaning material after forming, strict craft of high-tech extraction and then by enrichment extrusion granulation refined flour milling technology, its main principle is to use active substances activated besmirch, surface tension, can make the body out of the car body surface adhesion medium, in a state of separation, so as to achieve strong decontamination effect.

Bubble car shampoo phosphate-free and inorganic alkaline substances, completely natural biodegradable, super concentrated, dissolve quickly, do not paint, do not hurt the hand (neutral), foam stability, strong detergency.

The difference between foam washing and ordinary car washing:

1. Car wash:

The main cleaning car shampoo ingredients are generally natural plant extract of surfactant, the surfactant is the main component of domestic shampoo is also a kind of washing liquid will add a natural wax, have natural drive car body static electricity.Car wash usually is neutral, not hurt hand, do not hurt lacquer surface.

2. Washing water wax:

Washing water wax is generally used to refer to the water dispensing agent used in automatic car washing machine. This kind of water dispenser has the powerful effect of dialing water, which effectively causes water to leave the surface of the vehicle, and increases the time to shorten the quick drying time.It can also give the vehicle a surface that does not touch water.In addition, the agent also has multiple protection functions, which can prevent the body from oxidation, make it not easy to absorb dust, and can effectively resist the ultraviolet radiation, and avoid the fading and aging of car paint.When used, wash the car wash wax into the car wash in a certain proportion.Water wax is also neutral, no damage to car paint.Regular use of water wax car can make car paint more beautiful luster, the protection time of waxing is longer.

Foam car wash is after through 10 machine years practical experience in research of a kind of microcomputer made from cherry wax water, does not hurt the car, not dumb light, do not fade and is to lighten up the efficacy of the wax for car paint.