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How do you wash your car?

The first step of the car wash should be washed with clean water first.

Some owners or car workers in the car wash directly spray foam agent, and then rinse with water cannon, but not before slowly washed with clear water, such easy to cause the car fine gravel scratch paint under high pressure.

The correct step should be to wash the body with slow water first, remove most of the fine gravel and dust, then proceed to the next more careful washing.

Don't wash your car with an ordinary rag.

Common dishcloth is often coarse, long-term use common dishcloth car wash car, easy to damage surface car paint, suggest use car wash special dishcloth, fine material can better protect car paint from harm.

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3 do not wash the body with any other detergent.

Some owners like local materials, carrying laundry detergent, detergent, shower gel, and so on cleaner to clean vehicles, actually such casual abuse cleaner the harm of the car is very big, partial acid or alkaline detergent will accelerate the car paint ageing, to use the car dedicated neutral detergent for cleaning.

Wash the car with water pressure not too large.

Some owners or car workers like water cannons will be dispatched to the most fierce, let the car wash cleaner, actually this is also very easy to damage the car paint, after all, there are still some car surface dust particles, even very tiny particles under huge pressure will produce some scratches, over time, paint is not so smooth and bright.

Wash your car less in the hot sun.

Some car owners like to wash their cars in the hot sun, thinking that they can do it quickly.Actually it is very easy to make car paint ageing, there are a few small water droplets, after washing water droplets in the surface in the form of a convex mirror, under the scorching sun exposure, will light together in a certain area, easy to "burn" vehicles, so try not to wash vehicles in the hot sun.

The bird droppings should be cleaned in time.

Most bird droppings are highly acidic. If there is bird droppings attached to the car, it should be cleaned in time to avoid corrosion of the paint.For dry cleaning method of guano also need extra attention, don't go directly to shave, because some of the birds will eat a little sand help digestion, bird droppings will there is a lot of grit, fiercely to scrape off easily broken car paint, accurate method is to use touch water tissue attach themselves to it, soften bird droppings thoroughly, with a paper towel to wipe gently again.

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