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How to select automatic car washing machine?

With the rapid development of the automobile industry, the derivative industry of the automobile industry chain is also thriving, and the automobile beauty shop is full of signs that the industry is thriving.

With the rapid development of the automobile industry, the derivative industry of the automobile industry chain is also thriving, and the automobile beauty shop is full of signs that the industry is thriving.The choice of hardware, especially the computer washing machine, is also a problem that cannot be ignored.Because many computer car wash vendors would category is complex, the price is differ, how to correctly choose a automatic washing machine needed to be a new problem, the right choice will bring new user experience of business.Equipment choice is determined by several factors, price factors, safety and site factors, security factors, such as how to measure several standard is the advantages and disadvantages between users in the direction of thinking.

1. Type of automatic car washing machine.

Currently, there are two main types of car washing machines sold in the market:

First, the water is relatively small, the capital strength general enterprise, can choose the reciprocating car washing machine, the price is relatively low.Reciprocating car washer, also called longmen washer, mainly consists of two parts, washing and drying, the main principle of washing body motionless, moving back and forth the machine itself, finish washing, waxing, drying process.

The second is the tunnel car washing machine, the economic strength of the enterprise or the washing shop, can choose tunnel car washing machine.The price of the tunnel car washing machine is high, and the speed of car washing can be washed 120 vehicles/hour, which is characterized by low energy consumption, low noise and fast car washing.The tunnel car washer can further add other configurations, such as blowing system, high-pressure water jet system and chassis cleaning system.

2. Parts process and performance of car washing machine.

The automatic car washing machine is mainly composed of electrical control part, electrical parts, mechanical parts, distortion, sensor, and main structural parts of the frame.The electronic components must first be seen to protect the electronic components and leakage protection.The computer motherboard element is to use completely import or domestic, how to be in the user's word of mouth, so we can check the reliability of the part.Components of electrical parts (such as pump motor, reducer and pneumatic parts, Germany, Japan and the United States, the product quality is relatively stable.Of course, the material of the main frame should also consider whether rust-proofing treatment, such as improper handling, will affect the overall appearance and service life.

3. Choose the correct brush hair of the car washing machine.

The brush of washer material will directly affect the washing effect, and the market is mainly cotton nylon brush, cotton brush, foam brush 3 kinds of foam.

(1) nylon brush the first generation car washing machine brush, its durability is good, but after the flood, bristles will use more and more difficulties, there is slight damage car paint, the use is not much.

(2) cotton brush second generation car washing machine, large amount of water, with good flexibility, use this brush now in the market.It may be the sand in the packaging after the flood, it will hurt the body wash car, its life is short.

(3) foam brush the third generation car washing machine brush, brush the hair soft, do not absorb water, use long life, do not cover film sand or debris, it does not harm the body.

Compared with the traditional manual washing the car, the entry of the automatic washing machine to wash the car washing efficiency for the salon has the obvious improvement, not only reduce business operating costs, and greatly enhance the store image.Wuxi kavos car washing machine adopts advanced research technology, imported spare parts equipment, to ensure the user's purchase of peace of mind, with ease!