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Is it easier to wash a car by a computer washing machine

Fully automatic computer washing machine is a machine that USES computer to control the brush and high pressure water to clean the car.

Fully automatic computer washing machine is a machine that USES computer to control the brush and high pressure water to clean the car.It is mainly composed of control system, circuit, gas circuit, waterway and mechanical structure.

Fully automatic computer car wash is flush with plenty of flowing water body, will pass after washing machines, automatic air drying procedures, can put the remaining in the body blow out all the crevice water, have played an important role in protect the car interior components, at the same time, avoids the phenomenon of sediment scratch paint completely.Fully automatic computer washing machine technology advanced, beautiful shape, there are a variety of automatic car washing procedures to choose.Through the detection of photoelectric system, the zui good position and strength of various actions are calculated by computer analysis to achieve the effect of zui good car washing.Automatic computer car wash can automatically avoid the mirror, flagpole and so on, to ensure the safety of the car;The washing power of the computer is strong, the water content is large, and the car is not damaged. The wearing degree of the paint is less than 30% of the manual car washing, and the pressure of the computer washing machine is uniform, the speed of washing car is stable and the direction is stable.

The test results showed that the paint wear of the car was less than 3 mm after 50 times, and the manual car wash was more than 10 mm.

The automatic computer washing machine can be divided into reciprocating and tunnel type according to its working mode.

Reciprocating - the car does not move, the car washing machine is moving on the guide rails according to certain procedures, and the working mode of the car washing instructions is carried out.Such as: longmen reciprocating car washing machine, bus washing machine, etc.

Tunnel - the car washing machine does not move, the car is driven by the machine, slowly through the car wash machine work area.The car washing machine works according to the corresponding instruction procedure to clean the car.For example: tunnel car washing machine;Large tunnel (trolley, bus, subway, passenger train) cleaning machine.

Tunnel car washer, it is a very beautiful glass curtain wall packages washing channel, its shape can be processing into a very attractive, very eye-catching colors, in general, the operator can install it street, let it play the role of advertising and attract traffic, to achieve the purpose of strengthening management results.

Tunnel type full-automatic washing machine main washing principle for vehicle driven forward by conveyor, within a very short time, the vehicle passes through the tunnel, finish washing, washing chassis, polishing, drying and other processes.The big thing about zui is that it washes very fast.

So, a computer washing machine wash the car with high efficiency, good washing effect, the key is smaller than artificial washing harm to the body, so, now, most professional car can choose to use high quality car washer to clean vehicles instead of the traditional manual washing the car.In addition, not all computer car washer can perfectly realize the above functions, or multiple comparison, an operator don't covet is cheap and cause unnecessary loss, compared with the price, the computer car washer price is more important, so want to see the computer car washer is a value, rather than the price!

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