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Pneumatic welding operation safety

A. If the control box is not used for a long time, then every month should be powered on for 30 minutes, also need to warm up for 30 minutes when replacement of thyratron, control box of the normal warm-up time is not less than 5 minutes.

B. for equipment operators, as well as with the staff at work, be sure to wear protective equipment in accordance with the relevant provisions, and to prevent electric shock, proper security measures.

C. If it is outdoor use pneumatic spot welding machine, it is best to have protected against rain, moisture, Sun Peng, and in accordance with appropriate fire-fighting equipment, proper safety work.

D. If it is too wet to operate, you need to wet sites work, the operator should stand in a safe place, and wearing rubber shoes.

E. If necessary cleaning of welding equipment, welding slag, so cleanup is the best protective glasses, and should steer clear of the head percussion welding slag splashing.