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Resistance welding machine purchase

1. resistance welding machine purchase of should go to regular production enterprise or large department stores, and that they should choose a reliable brand.

2. should pay attention to at the time of product purchase check the symbol on the product, see whether the manufacturer's name, address, model specifications, welding current adjustment range, load rate and content such as input voltage and current, and according to own actual situation to choose the most suitable resistance welding machine.

3. purchase of resistance welding machine must check for grounding screw products, paint grounding grounding screw connection is good.

4. in the purchase of should be powered up check the Panel for switching operations and the security situation, and learn its basic operation.

5. before you buy should carefully check the accessories are complete, each part is working properly, quality assurance, and so on.

6. the certificate of inspection report or require suppliers to provide the best quality tea.