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Safety procedures for car washing machine

1. Before the machine is opened, it shall be confirmed:

(1) whether the running machine is in the initial position, whether the power switch indicator is on.

(2) the air pressure is normal, the pressure should be 3.0-4.0 KGF/c ㎡.

2. The conductor shall be cleaned and moved to the cleaning position.

3. Turn off the engine, pull the hand brake, close the window glass, and put in the antenna.

4. Confirm the decoration of the car body, and the installation of the reflector and wiper is in good condition to confirm whether there are scratches and paint damage on the car, and the user agrees.

5. When maintaining the machine, it should turn off the main power supply. It is strictly prohibited to use the wet hand touch control panel on the electrical switch, and the water is not allowed to be sprayed on the control panel, motor and other electrical components.

6. Clean the machine every day and check the oil level.

7. Complete maintenance of the car washing machine once a month including:

(1) check and replenish the lubricating oil, using 15w-40 gasoline engine oil, if the oil level is lower than normal,

Add oil to standard position.

(2) check whether the rolling fastening bolts and pins are solid and reliable.

What is the operation of the computer washing machine?

Computer automatic washing machine is composed of photoelectric sensors, proximity switch, manual control switch control signal input part is controlled by programmable controller, the received signal, the output terminal connections include relays, electromagnetic valve actuator, etc.

Automatic computer washing machine encoder, transmitting module radio transmission part;Remote control of receiving receiver and control circuit.The equipment is flexible and easy to operate, so that the operator can still control the car wash and effectively improve the working efficiency when leaving the operation desk and computer washing machine.

Walking wheel brush device including a "concave" in the form of the main frame, main frame at the top of the beam, beam and connected to the drive shaft, drive shaft wheel brush connection rod transverse framework, in two link rod is equipped with guide wheel and the wheel interval, the beam at both ends with the left and right wheel brush device respectively.The left and right wheel brush not only can be his turn, left and right swing, but also can follow the conveyor track to clean, no suspension transport mechanism, greatly improve cleaning efficiency.

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