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Summer is coming. Is your car wash ready yet?

Prepare for the client

With the improvement of the weather, the owner of the carwash car washing machine, this is a good time to do some inspection and maintenance.Ensure that all equipment can be run smoothly, purchase enough high quality water wax solution and foam solution to meet the quality needs of customers and improve the reputation of car wash.

Use marketing

American economist grace Marshall, pointing out your work lets people know what business you have and make them want to use your services.Like such a barbecue party in your enterprise is a great way to attract new customers, and by you certainly much less than the cost of the activity itself bring you profit brought by the customer.

Plan ahead

All of the marketing planning, and division of labor, procurement is to plan ahead of schedule, especially has the owner of the card, automatic washing machine, you can dial the service hotline, large quantities of customers wash the car for the future situation operation have what need to be aware of, what should we prepare, what parts will focus on maintenance, should go to look at again.Is it time to re-examine your car cleaning equipment?