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The car wash has the knack of cleaning the windows and interior

Washing a car is not just a matter of hard work, but also a method.

First of all, it should be noted that whether to wash the car in the car wash or do it yourself, it should be cleaned after the hood has been completely cooled down.Especially in the summer, do not wash the car in the strong sunlight, which will cause the car engine to age prematurely.

Secondly, it is important to pay attention to different cleaning methods and different dishcloth.For example, the car body of the car is used to disperse the water jet, do not wash with the high pressure water, the water pressure over the assembly damage the body paint surface.In case of vehicle body have hard dust mud and water infiltration first, and then washed with water, then use soft and clean sponge from the top and down scrub, scrub should often will sponge in clean water washing, lest leave scratch marks, paint surface with dark skin finally wipe off water.In case of oil stain, apply a sponge to dip in kerosene or gasoline gently wipe, then place polishing paste in the place where it is brushed, make its luster as early as possible.

Wipe the plastic and rubber parts such as steering wheel and lamp, can only be washed with ordinary soapy water, and can not be used with organic solvents such as gasoline, detergents and diluents.

Finally, pay attention to the scientific maintenance of car body paint.Car paint from long-term exposure to air, polluted by the dirty air, asphalt and sand and destruction, the paint falls off easily, so must not use hard brush cleaning tools such as plastic, ordinary towel or cloth, it will take to avoid leave scratches.In addition, to protect the gloss of automobile paint, the vehicle should be polished regularly.

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