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The development prospect and advantage analysis of auto washing machine industry


Since China's accession to the WTO in 2001, the international competition pattern has changed, and China's manufacturing industry has more and more influence on the world.With the rapid development of China's automobile industry, the annual growth rate of China's automobile demand is 24.5%, far exceeding the annual growth rate of 4% in the world.China has become the second largest automobile consumer in the world.At present, China's car ownership (excluding 13.9 million three-wheeled vehicles) is 35.95 million, and private car ownership reaches 29.85 million.With the increasing of car ownership, the market of automobile distribution and distribution has achieved unprecedented rapid development, reaching the market size of 98 billion yuan.The automotive parts industry, which is a key part of the automotive industry chain, is expected to be one of the fastest growing industries in the next few years.In addition, it is necessary to continuously improve the brand image and improve the service quality so as to make the industry develop in a benign direction.Promote the development of China's automobile beauty industry.Car wash accounts for the bulk of car beauty projects.

According to the European and American countries, in a fully fledged international automobile market, car sales profit in the whole industry accounts for only 20%, the constituents of the parts supply profits accounted for 20%, and 50% ~ 60% of the profits from the auto service industry.The U.S. auto industry has surpassed the sales of car sales, with a single car beauty industry worth more than $350 billion annually.According to the survey, more than 60 percent of private luxury car owners in China have the habit of making beauty and maintenance for automobiles.More than 30% of middle and low - grade car owners also began to form the concept of car beauty maintenance;More than 30% of the public premium cars are also scheduled for beauty maintenance;More than 50% of private car owners are willing to do their own car beauty and maintenance while mastering the basic technology.It is not difficult to see that the automobile beauty industry in China has a huge potential market development space.

Industry insiders analyze, although the charge of manual car wash and automatic car washing machine is not a few, but in time, efficiency, manpower, material force is not clear.Now let's get to know why you should buy a car washing machine by comparing the automatic smart car washing machine with the traditional manual car washing machine.

1. From time to time, it takes 15 to 30 minutes to wash a car manually, and it only takes 5-10 minutes to wash a car with a self-service car wash machine.To increase your efficiency is to create more wealth for you, so that you can wash more cars in the same time and seize the opportunity of running.Now the pace of social life is getting faster and faster, and for those who come to enjoy the car wash, it will save them more valuable time, which is a value-added service for them.

2. In terms of the current problems, there is a general shortage of car washing facilities in each car wash place, and the use of car washing equipment can greatly reduce labor force, reduce labor intensity and save employees' wages.

3. It is easier to attract customers by using the newly developed coin-operated automatic car washing machine, which is developed by the new technology, and can greatly improve the economic income of the customers.

4. The automatic car washing machine can adopt the circulating water equipment completely, and the water consumption can be reduced by 1/3 in the original, which is more effective and reasonable utilization of water resources and energy conservation and environmental protection.

5, wide prospect of market of auto cleaning services, according to the promise of China's accession to the WTO, foreign capital can step in car service, although they haven't had time to really big push into at present, but mostly, attitude to, time is running out for domestic enterprises.It is not hard to imagine that car washing services will be the platinum industry of the 21st century!