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The difference between automatic car washing equipment and manual car washing

1, the advantages

Compared with the manual washing machine, automatic car washing machine has the following advantages:

(1) quick and efficient.Artificial wash a car, less need for 10 minutes, requires more than 20 minutes more, and the automatic washing machine wash a car need up to five minutes, for a large quantity of car wash car hairdressing, can greatly improve the working efficiency of the car wash.

(2) safe and reliable.The automatic car washing machine is controlled by the computer according to the design procedure, which can avoid the personal and equipment accidents caused by manual operation.

(3) it can reduce the labor intensity of the washing workers, and it is beneficial to retain the washing workers.At present, the vast majority of young people in their 20 s belong to the only child, due to abandon washing Turner low status, dirty work environment, and the intensity of labor is big, most are reluctant to do wash Turner, even made a wash Turner, also easy to move.Automatic car washing machine can effectively reduce labor intensity, facilitate the retention of car wash.

(4) the image of automatic car washing machine is upscale and conducive to attracting customers.Artificial wash the car easy to cause the environment dirty, to the owner's image is poor, and the automatic washing machine to the owner a high-grade image, is conducive to attract came to wash the car owners especially high-end car owners, fostering high-quality goods sales and other projects.

(5) save water cost.The automatic car washing machine USES 10 ~ 12 liters of water, 10 ~ 20 liters more than the manual car washing.If the car wash car washes 100 cars daily, water saving 1 ~ 2 tons daily, water saving 300 ~ 700 tons per year.Automatic car washing machine can also use the recycling wastewater treatment technology, not only meet the environmental protection requirements, but also can save a lot of water resources.Today, with the rising water cost, it can save a lot of water cost.

2 and disadvantages

There are also some disadvantages compared with the automatic car washing machine and manual washing.

(1) the external cleaning of the car is not complete.Many car owners feel that the computer washing machine is not as thorough as the traditional manual washing machine in cleaning the external corner of the dead corner (such as wheel hub, car mark gap, etc.) and heavy scaling.

(2) the rearview mirror was removed.This problem is very common, a lot of car wash machine can not be intelligent to avoid to make car rearview mirror, antennae and so on article, the direct force is washed off, let many car car car wash a car to put off.This is related to the car washing machine, and also to the operator of the car wash machine.The kavos car washing machine is equipped with a dodge program. For special models and ordinary models, there are key points to avoid. Just choose the appropriate cleaning model.In addition, after the installation and commissioning of the kavos car washing machine, the staff will be systematically trained to avoid similar problems during the washing process.

(3) the price of car washing machine is high.No matter what the product, the price will be different, some people pursue the low price, but carworth thinks that the price is more important.