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The misunderstanding of computer washing machine

22 July 14 last year when a female students from Africa heatstroke fainted in ningbo Nottingham university dormitory building, the 22 in the urban areas of ningbo highest temperature of 39.2 ℃.In our impression, Africa is the hottest place, probably "Africa is very hot" is actually the misconceptions in understanding, what's the average temperature in large parts of Africa, the highest temperature is below ningbo, only some parts of north Africa is really hot and wet.On weekdays, we often make the mistakes of "blind people", and it is easy to have some misunderstanding on the basis of subjective assumption, and the computer washing machine is no exception.

Computer washing machine brush too hard can hurt car.

In fact, the early car washing machine was fitted with a soft plastic brush that might have an impact on some of the softer cars;Along with the progress of science and technology, new type of washing machine brush with bubble interlock, solid nonporous, surface smooth, soft and resilient, with a non-stick mud, not bibulous, not easy to winding, anti-aging, the advantages of wear resistance, will not harm the paint.

The computer washing machine is not clean.

Tunnel car washing machine, fully automatic vehicle cleaning, care, waxing, polishing, coating, air drying, to realize the true meaning of the integrated clean car cleaning system.With the light of the green light, the vehicle enters the whole translation and correction platform, fully automatic photoelectric infrared induction, the conveyor belt starts, and opens the new era of intelligent car washing.

Take the process of cleaning the hub as an example. In the past, the wheel washing machine was fixed, and the time of cleaning each wheel was shorter and the cleaning was not complete.When the wheel brush has been idling through the body, because the wheel brush material is hard, it is possible to draw the car body, 80% of the time idling, waste energy, make noise.The new car wash machine USES the synchronous technology, the wheel brush is the same as the speed of the car, cleaning process, the time of the cleaning wheel is long, the effect is good, and avoid the stroke body.

Washing machine washing machine is a washing machine.

Three points of seven FenYang "automobile maintenance concept gradually into the heart, people have gradually realized the importance of car cleaners, computer car washer is used in the process of washing professional car wash liquid PH value is neutral.Using the foaming machine in the body, the foaming jet is sprayed into the body to clean the surface of the car.It will not corrode the car paint, and the car will finish with a shiny finish and a lingering fragrance.

The computer washing machine is not clean.

Because the computer washing machine can not clean the interior, it is considered to be of little use.In fact, the advantage of computer washing machine is safe and reliable, convenient and fast, environmental saving water, painless paint, save labor.For the car owner, the general quick wash list is quick and efficient, the painless surface is enough;For shopkeepers, saving labor is the key point. The machine looks tall and improves the overall image of the shop.The problem of cleaning the interior of the car washing machine is not in place. It can be completely combined with manual cleaning, which can not only bring the advantages of the computer washing machine into place, but also allow the artificial value to be reflected.

In the era of progress, the advantages of computer car washing machine are incomparable, the daily use of computer washing machine wash car is convenient for you and I, can save more time to enjoy life's good, why not!