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The type of welding equipment

1. manual arc welding equipment: this type of simple, more convenient to use, but for the operation more demanding, more suitable for carbon steel and low alloy steel, stainless steel, steel and other metal materials.

2. submerged arc welding equipment: it is mainly made up of power, submerged arc welding machines and auxiliary equipment, its power can be AC, DC, or AC/DC.

3. cold welding: mainly uses high frequency spark discharge principle of workpiece appear worn, scratches, pinholes, cracks, deformation plays a role in repair of defect, operation is relatively simple.

4. inert gas shielded arc welding equipment: mainly by the welding torch, welding power source and control devices, gas and water supply system consists of four parts.

5. plasma arc welding equipment: it is mainly controlled by the welding power source, system, torch, gas system and the combination of a waterway system.

6.CO2 gas welding equipment: mainly by the welding power supply, gas supply system, composed of wire feeding and welding torch.

7. ultrasonic welding equipment include ultrasonic plastic welding and ultrasonic metal welding machines.