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Types of welding system

1. AC welding systems: this type of welding machine is mainly used for seam welding, it has maintained three-phase equilibria, impact on the power grid of the advantages, and the same with energy-saving, high power factor.

2. single-phase AC resistance welding machine: the welding machine can be said to be the most common type, control of single-phase AC systems and the use of transformers, it is suitable for mild steel welding needs. With the development, when welding thick workpieces, burden and impact on the power grid.

3. intermediate frequency inversion welding machine: for now, this is a advanced resistance welding technology, it was after after a transformer rectifier, consists of electrodes output DC, can maximize the power factor to ensure welding quality and energy-saving 3%.

4. the three secondary rectification welding machine: this type of machine is mainly used for projection welding, it is capable of high power soldering, but small impact on the power grid.