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What are the equipment for car washing?

Open a car wash or car beauty center does not need to be very complicated to understand, to open a professional car need a bubble machine, spray cleaning machine, a machine a, air compressor, vacuum cleaner, manual polishing machine one station, a steam engine, and then you can also choose and buy a dryer a, ozone disinfection machine.

After that you can buy a dryer, ozone sterilizer one.

Detailed introduction:

The first is the car washing machine, which is a new generation of car cleaning tools.According to the category, it is divided into high-pressure car washing machine, computer car washing machine, door-to-door car washing machine, etc. It USES a high pressure device to make the water into air, forming a fine mist column and cleaning the body surface.


Followed by the bubble machine, bubble machine, sometimes also called bubble car machine, using air pressure to compress liquid detergent into the bubble, avoid the fine sand damage car paint, extend the car paint surface is bright and clean.It is suitable for auto beauty industry, motorcade, bus, etc., and the cleaning of exterior wall, glass and floor of hotel hotel.In addition, according to the different foam machine, choose to match the air compressor, use together.

Followed by air compressor, air compressor is the main body in air supply device, it is the prime mover (usually motor) device that can convert the mechanical energy of gas pressure, is the pressure of compressed air generator.

Then the gun and high-pressure hose, high pressure water gun device make the high-pressure plunger pump produces high pressure water to flush the object surface, the impact of the water is greater than the dirt and surface adhesion, high pressure water will spin out the dirt, wash away, a cleaning equipment to clean the surface of the object.Because is the use of high pressure water cleaning dirt, unless you are very stubborn oil stains just need to add some detergent, otherwise a strong water pressure produced by the bubble is enough to will generally take away the dirt, so high pressure cleaning is the world recognized one of the most scientific, economic and environmental clean way.

As a car wash, you also need a larger reservoir, adequate water resources, and a few larger buckets instead.

In addition to large machines, cleaning tools also require towels, sponges, and watering cans, which are mainly a powerful cleaning agent for bugs on the front bumper of the car.