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Where is the entrepreneurial investment opportunity for a computer washing machine?

With many electric cars as well as the domestic car brands, hot car ownership in China in the next five to ten years will continue to grow, after the Chinese auto market will become a big cake, after waiting for many enterprises, market.

In the car wash industry, this traditional industry has promoted the development of the whole industry more rapidly after combining with the automatic artificial intelligence.The tunnel car washing machine, the longmen reciprocating car washing machine, the self-service car washing machine and so on many computer washing machine are the product of this trend.Solved many traditional car wash shop fee water, electricity, recruitment difficult, service single and so on.

In the future of the car washing industry, the reduction of manpower is an inevitable trend in the process of providing services, which is the value of artificial intelligence and car washing robot.There are a lot of car wash workers in a car wash. It's a big question whether the boss can raise so many people.The factories of tesla and samsung are basically unmanned, which is the direction of the future. Regardless of online and offline, the cost of service will lose its competitive advantage.

Computer washing machine enterprise, under the influence and impact of artificial intelligence, is also seeking to change.Under the trend of new consumption and consumption upgrading, improving quality and reputation is the core point, and it is an important consumption trend to make consumers feel safe and reliable "trust economy".Since it is not a high frequency demand in this field, in addition to the cost performance, many car wash owners really care about the quality of service and guarantee, which is more important and the future direction.

We need to return to the origin, the project is behind the cost optimization, optimal efficiency and experience, can on behalf of the business model has sustained competitiveness, represents the future direction, both investment and entrepreneurship are profound thinking.What is the change in the traditional car wash service industry?For consumers, there is no change in demand, only a tool for providing services.In the past, consumers would have to go to the car wash shop for more than 20 minutes to enjoy the car washing service. The car washing process needs to wait for more than 20 minutes, at least half an hour before and after.The change now is that consumers can enjoy their old services in just a few minutes through a computer car wash.Because of this change, the traditional car wash shop began to transform.

So the future is through the machine to make money, is by means of the existing car wash service pattern, do unattended 24 hours a day, through the use of the Internet of things technology to complete the entire unattended scene, let the machine to realize communication and interaction, so the future will be more broad.The new opportunity is to change the service itself.