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You may wash your car just to clean it up, but many people abroad do it for maintenance

In Australia, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Japan, Hong Kong, China and some other places, looked at a lot of, only to find that, they go to wash the car, not just to wash the car, more is to do maintenance.Washing the car is a very basic process. Every time, we will wax, film and open the front cover to clean up the engine and other parts. These are all fixed processes.

Back home, car beauty shop, car wash is just a simple car wash, basically do not include the beauty part.Like waxing, coating, coating these belong to car paint to maintain the category all belong to individual beauty project.Pay attention to raise car several months to do once, do not notice, may stay in the car face dirty wash clean can.So a lot of cars in the country have more than a year of paint, there is no luster, there are good cars.

In this case, I would like to find out the reasons, and consult with some industry professionals to find out the following points:

Domestic automobile beauty concept is relatively narrow.

Domestic car beauty is usually in the car wash, car paint maintenance, coating, and the separation of car wash is relatively clear.Foreign car hairdressing is more broad, arrive the shop is a whole process commonly, from wash to maintain, whole car parts detection, it is a whole.That is to say, car wash, not the key, maintenance is.The true beauty of the meaning is reflected, emphasis on the protection of lacquer surface and safety detection.

The market is mature after foreign cars.

After all, the number of cars we expansion in recent years, mainly in, after the market variety, good and bad are intermingled, introduced related regulations and policy constraints, the consumer consumption idea affected, mention beauty was the businessman to kill people.And abroad in this piece mature much, maintain frequently, the overall cost is relatively low.People resist the mentality of small, the industry standard is high, the market ethos is good.

Different values

Foreign washing the car, even if not to car hairdressing, washing at home, also is the complete process, a not fall, from their ordinary car wash tools section of the supermarket will be able to see, not only has all kinds of cloth, sponge, more some people seem to professional tools, polishing machine, water wax deposition coating is best selling goods, and at home, ordinary supermarkets is not sell these, because will be slow.Therefore, it is not only the car beauty shop, but the concept of car maintenance is mostly still in the wash, in the concept of kilometer maintenance.Normally involved in conservation, very few.

The domestic car wash stays in the eyes to see the clean.

In the reception of foreign customers, the difference is clearly felt.Mexico, for example, the customer, after car wash good pause, let Mr. A foreign trade manager recommend washing liquid, to be honest, Mexico is not rich, according to the domestic foreign trade manager sells better recommend him, washing liquid wax and ordinary water.After looking at the effect in turn, A directly selected the Japanese imported car wash, high brightness water wax and NT coating.The foreign trade manager is afraid to raise the cost of car wash, remind, this is our domestic very few high end maintenance shop to choose.Mr. K said, we must have these in ordinary stores, otherwise we can't wash the car.