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Application Of Welding Robot In Today 's New Energy Vehicle Manufacturing Industry

  Application of Welding Robot in Today 's New Energy Vehicle Manufacturing Industry

  The welding robot system uses the following advanced technologies:

  First, the inverter welding power supply reduces the weight and volume of the welding transformer, the transformer and welding clamp into a one-piece robot spot welding clamp. The application of the integrated welding tongs facilitates the track movement and the attitude change in the range of its movement. Welding Robot The use of inverter welding power supply can also improve the electrical performance of the welder to improve the thermal efficiency of power to achieve the purpose of energy conservation.

  Second, the automatic replacement of the welding clamp through the modular design, the robot welding clamp and the primary side of the water pipe connection interface to achieve standardization. In the device with several different forms of welding tongs, Welding Robot spot welding robot in accordance with the procedures in a few seconds time to complete the automatic replacement. To achieve rapid replacement of welding tongs to achieve the use of a spot welding robot will be able to adapt to the requirements of the various parts of the body welding, but also to adapt to the needs of multi-species models.

  Third, the robot control system using the system can not only control the movement of the robot body, but also on the resistance welding time controller for automatic control, issued a welding start command, automatic control and adjustment of welding parameters (voltage, current, Time cycle), control the size of the spot welding clamp clamp and clamp release action. At the same time, also has automatic fault diagnosis, alarm and other functions, such as: electrode and welding parts were bonded, compressed air pressure is too low when the fault alarm.

  (2) arc welding car body welding production, Welding Robot mainly in the frame, floor, etc. the main welding station for manual welding operations, in the sub-frame equal parts of the workpiece welding station welding soldering applications.

  2. Auto parts welding

  In the production of auto parts widely used spot welding, convex welding, seam welding, welding and arc welding welding process. For example: beam assembly bracket spot welding, transmission shaft balance sheet convex welding, automotive fuel tank seam welding, car rim continuous flash butt welding, car steering arm, muffler, purifier shell arc welding and so on.

  In China's auto parts production, over the years has been by hand welding, special welding to occupy the leading position of welding production, Welding Robot labor intensity, poor operating environment, welding quality is not easy to guarantee, and the production of flexible is also poor, can not adapt to modern The need for automobile production. In recent years, due to the large number of applications of welding robots, the automation level of production and the production efficiency have been improved, and the production is more flexible and the welding quality has been ensured.