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Automatic Seam Welding Machine Has Become The Inevitable Trend Of Welding Industry

  Automatic seam welding machine has become the inevitable trend of welding industry

  With the development of advanced manufacturing technology, it has become an inevitable trend to realize the automation, flexibility and intellectualization of welding products manufacturing. At present, the use of automatic seam welding machine welding has become the main symbol of modernization of welding automation technology. The automatic seam welder has been paid more and more attention because of its advantages of universality and reliable work.

  Automatic seam welding Machine features:

  1, each solder joint welding cycle can be greatly reduced, because the opening degree of electrode is precisely controlled by the welder, in the point and point of the movement between the process, electrode can start to close, and after one points, electrode side open, automatic seam welder can be offset;

  2, electrode opening degree can be adjusted according to the situation of the workpiece, as long as there is no collision or interference, as far as possible to reduce the degree of opening, to save electrode open, save electrode opening and closing time.

  3, electrode closed pressurization, not only the pressure size can be adjusted, and in the closed two electrodes are gently closed, can reduce impact deformation and noise.