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Car Wash Automatic Car Washing Machine Shop Location Selection


When selecting the site for the automatic car washing machine, the following points should be noted:

1. Don't choose the main road with too much traffic, because these roads are too fast for vehicles to stay, and the vehicles will have difficulty turning around.

2. You can't choose a small street that is too secluded. These local vehicles don't want to come in, and there are too few mobile customers.

3. It is better to choose the middle or communication road between two or more main roads so that it is convenient and can retain the vehicles.

4. Try not to choose roads with road dividers. These road vehicles are difficult to come in.

5. There should be a good distance vision in front of the site, with convenient turning conditions, and the position of waiting in line at a busy time.

6. There should be four to six vehicles in the site to be parked, so as to ensure that the business will not be affected by the lack of parking space.

7. It is better to have residential areas near the site, larger government agencies or enterprises, and large companies with more vehicles.

8. In the vicinity of more car repair and beauty shop, the vicinity of large supermarkets and restaurants is also a good area for site selection.

9. The location of the site should be allowed to set up signs or billboards within 50 meters so that passing customers can enter.

10. It is convenient to connect the water and electricity in the place where the site is located, and the pipes that wash the car are relatively smooth.

11. Traffic routes, cross street (" corner effect ") and parking lot.

12. It is possible to select the location of the main entrance to the main entrance of the city.

13. You can choose to share a space with the gas station.

14. Basic customers: take the car wash center as the center, observe the number of vehicles within 7 square kilometers and the daily traffic flow of nearby roads, and divide the possible consumer groups according to the vehicle level.Estimate from the basic guest source.For example, there are four thousand cars in a seven-square-kilometer area, with 10% daily washing, 25% of them in my store, and 100 daily fixed customers.In addition, if there are 2, 000 cars per day, the number is about 200.

Let's say 20% of them come to our store and we have 40 mobile customers.It can be estimated that the daily customer base is 140.