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Diagnosis Of Common Faults In Robotics Welding Station

  Diagnosis of common faults in Robotics Welding Station

  According to the frequently-used malfunctions and the requirements of robot welding station, we classify the common faults so that we can quickly troubleshoot them.

  (1) Abnormal fault diagnosis and confirm the setting of the content of the exception, please check the following content first:

  Welding method: Confirm whether the selected welding method conforms to the diameter of the wire used and the protection of the gas.

  Welding parameters:Robotics Welding Station Confirm that there are no welding anomalies due to changing parameters. Record change parameter, return default value, confirm welding condition.

  Welding voltage instruction Method Unified/Individual: Verify that the unified/individual settings of the welding power supply and the unified/individual settings of the manipulator are consistent. The unified/individual settings of the welding power supply are set by unified/individual keys. Moreover, only the manipulator welder characteristic file is correctly set, the welding power supply panel can display the manipulator instruction value correctly.

  Select the motor: Confirm the setting value of the F04, the choice of the motor type is correct (0: Micro motor, 2: Mechanical servo motor). If the type of motor is wrong, the wire can not be sent according to the speed of instruction, can not be normal welding.

  Select User files:Robotics Welding Station Select User files from the Control Panel, or manipulator selection, you can use F13 settings (F13 off: Control Panel selection, on: Manipulator selection).

  Conditional memory: In the selection of welding methods, change the welding parameters, the power of the welding machine before the condition memory. Also, note that if you change the welding method before you adjust the user's file and conditional memory, the changed u parameter disappears.

  Encoder WIRES: Encoder wires broken or a, B-phase inverse, wire feed speed will be abnormally accelerated. Also, the wire feeding speed is shown as 0, the fault number Err501 (wire feeder abnormal) Please confirm the encoder disconnected.

  Welding protection gas: Please confirm if the suitable welding gas is selected.

  (2) List of abnormal items on the following items, welding power will find the abnormal, automatically stop. When an exception occurs, the buzzer rings and the exception is displayed on the Control Panel. When the anomaly is detected,Robotics Welding Station the arc is cut off signal to the manipulator. However, only when the alarm, welding power will not stop working, nor to the manipulator output arcing signal.