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General Scheme Of Welding Robot

  1. General scheme of welding robot

  According to the size of the connecting plate, the structural characteristics and the form of the weld, taking into account the bottom plate and four pins are used in the form of single-sided weld, the weld on the workpiece was evenly distributed, the welding process does not need to change to meet All welds are welded. In order to reduce the cost and improve the efficiency, in the design of the overall design of the welding robot, it is decided not to use the tooling peripheral equipment such as flip tooling, and the fixed platform way to achieve the workpiece welding positioning, and to improve the welding efficiency, welding robot system program to take a machine Double-bit mode, H-type arrangement, that is, the robot body fixed in the two self-made welding work between the positioning platform, the work of a station welding robot on the side of the workpiece for automatic welding, the other station can handle parts, alternating To work, to ensure that the robot continuous non-stop work.

  In order to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece installation and positioning, to reduce the number of robots to find the number of welding, to ensure that the robot welding trajectory and the workpiece required welding track consistent in the workpiece and welding positioning platform designed with pin holes, through a two-pin form to achieve the connection plate in the welding Accurate positioning on the job platform.

  2. Robot body selection

  The robot body adopts the large welding robot with six degrees of freedom joint welding robot, matching pulse welding machine power supply, and add automatic clear gun shear wire injection device and arc safety protection device to meet the robot during the use of safety protection and clearance need.

  3. Determination of welding process

  The welding process uses argon-enriched mixed gas + solid wire instead of the original CO2 gas + flux-cored wire. The argon-rich welding has good visibility and easy operation. It is suitable for all-position welding, and the arc is compressed under the protection of the gas Centralized welding speed, melting pool is small, heat affected zone is narrow, welding deformation is small, good crack resistance, welding process in the inert gas protection, with good welding quality characteristics, very conducive to the welding process of mechanization and automation The However, due to the strong arc radiation, so in the overall design of welding robots, the need to design arc safety protection device for security protection. In order to improve the welding efficiency, a welding process is adopted to avoid the reduction of the production efficiency due to the repeated positioning of the welding robot.

  4. Selection of welding power supply

  Through the trial of a variety of power supply, and for the trial process problems, combined with the workpiece material, shape characteristics, dimensional accuracy requirements, weld length and location characteristics, welding workload and robot efficiency, the welding robot system All-digital pulse gas welding power supply, that is, pulse MIG welding process power. It is well known that the accuracy of arc control during welding determines the better quality of the welding quality, and the digital pulse gas shielded welding power supply is based on the use of digital technology, so the control system feedback time than the traditional welder reduced by several orders of magnitude, The accuracy and sensitivity of the feedback. In the use of pulse welding, can provide appropriate pulse waveform, but also effective control of each pulse only the transition of a droplet, which makes the entire arc during the welding process remains unchanged, the welding process is almost no splash, and can achieve ultra- Input welding, but also can overcome the traditional GMA welding machine after the end of welding, the end of the wire will form a defect to lead the ball to achieve the welding quality and welding efficiency of the best match.

  5. Wire diameter selection

  Combined with the welding quality and welding efficiency needs, welding wire with f1.6mm solid wire, to meet the actual welding needs of the connection plate, but also to facilitate the improvement of welding efficiency.