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How Does The Seam Welder Work?

  How does the seam welder work?

  I believe we should be very clear on the sewing machine, and many older people on its use is also very clear, but for the seam welder, there are several people understand it? There are several people clear its usage? Simply introduce the seam welding machine and its working principle.

  As a matter of fact, literally, most people will think that it is a tool that installs two pieces of work together. The main purpose of the seam welder is to take the two welding parts together or the joints on the middle of the two rollers of the electrode, so that the electrode on the roller on the welding parts of the pressure and turn up, through the continuous pulse of the transport , So that the welding parts in the role of electricity to form a continuous weld resistance of the instrument.

  From a certain point of view, the welding machine is the result of the development of spot welding, in some of the sealing joint manufacturing, often used in seam welding machine, of course, for the workpiece is not sealed, the seam welder can still be applied , But the thickness of the weldment is usually not higher than 2.5 mm. What is the principle of its work as a tool for penetrating welds that are difficult to penetrate?

  Welding machine in the seam welding work, each of the welding points need to go through the pre-pressure, after the current heating, and finally cooling in the crystallization. Although each of the welding points will pass such a series of processes, but because of the location of each welding point of the speed of change, making a series of changes in each welding point does not seem very obvious, can be understood as the weldment Mobile and current movement mode, you can have the following types of seam welding.

  Seam welder

  1, when the weldment to move at constant speed, and the roller electrode is continuous rotation, the welding current will be continuous supply, in every half there will be a welding point, this welding is called continuous seam welding, so that Welding up to ten meters or even 20 meters per minute, but because of its quality reasons, so the scope of application can be very limited.

  2, when the weldment to move at constant speed, and the current used to weld the intermittent way to supply, each connection and disconnect, will form a welding point. This way is called intermittent seam welding, the thickness of the weld on the welding speed will have a certain impact, the welding per minute about half a meter to five meters, and this way so far the application is very wide The

  3, the use of seam welding machine, when the welding pieces of the intermittent movement, and welding current in the weldment to stop moving through, such a way to form a welding point, the speed of this approach is generally low, generally in the Only 0.2 meters to 0.6 meters per minute can only work, and can only be used for high-density aluminum-magnesium alloy welding work.