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How To Properly Adjust The Specifications Of The Seam Welding Machine To Talk About Some Experience

How to properly adjust the specifications of the seam welding machine to talk about some experience.

One, find a good standard

We all know to really welded steel drums to ensure the quality of the weld, master welding current, welding pressure, welding speed three elements is very important, they have a direct relationship between the same current in the case of setting the welding pressure changes , The current will change. Because when the welding pressure increases, the upper and lower pad to improve the pressing force, two layers of steel plate to improve the contact tightness, its resistance will be reduced, the heat will be reduced, then we must increase by increasing the current Its heat, otherwise the pressure decreases, the resistance increases, its heat will increase, then must reduce the current. If the speed changes, through the heat between the two units of the heat is also changing, so the speed is fast, it is necessary to increase the current, slow, it is necessary to reduce the current. Under normal circumstances, the welding pressure is determined by the thickness of the steel plate, a certain thickness of the steel plate to use a certain welding pressure. In the actual production process, in the case of relatively poor thickness of the steel plate, generally do not need to adjust the welding pressure, but in changing the welding speed, the welding current is generally higher or lower, so the operator must master Good welding specifications of the three elements, first of all to find a good standard, in large quantities when welding generally do not easily change the specification, which the quality of steel drum welding quality has a very important factor.

Second, find the benchmark

In the use of free-point semi-automatic seam welder, automatic seam welding machine, due to the wear and tear of the upper and lower, the specifications of the drums, the operator must be seam welding machine to adjust the degree of positioning, our operators To find the location of the steel bucket welding point, the center point, where the need to increase the location, which places need to lower the position, know its principle, whether it is semi-automatic spot welding machine or automatic sewing machine, As long as the adjustment properly, can be very smooth to meet the welding requirements, otherwise it is likely to cause a long time to adjust, defective rate is high, and even some can not find the correcting direction, resulting in poor stability of sewing machine The rate of increase in the quality of welding has a direct impact.

Third, find the fault location

In the process of sewing machine, there are quality problems, operators often can not find the problem of the site, blindly adjusted, time-consuming and laborious, so it must be very important to find the location of the fault, whether it is semi-automatic spot welding machine or automatic Welding machine, the general problems are in the copper roller (waist drum) compression degree, the flat outside the pad, the barrel in the process of smoothness, the mechanical structure of the position, and welding "three elements" of the Choice, such as copper roller pressure adjustment, pressure is too light, easy to take the side, the pressure was too heavy, the barrel through the copper wheel when the resistance is too large, the barrel is difficult to enter the welding area, even if the bucket into the barrel There will be uneven phenomenon, then the heat will be too large or too small, causing leakage. Welding wheel outside the garden will cause the steel drum through the welding area during the poor contact, resulting in weld leakage. Smoothness in the progress of the problem, especially the barrel, the next left and right swing, the same will appear poor contact with the welding area caused by leakage. Mechanical structure of the position of the degree of deviation, there may be barrel deformation, edge size, into the welding area of the resistance. In particular, the "three elements" of the choice of welding specifications, if the standard selection is not appropriate or choose the standard free to change, we must find the fault site to re-adjust, so the operator or maintenance personnel, must be on the welding machine production process The quality of the problem to find the fault location, and some of the vector solution. How fast is the province to ensure the quality of welding.

Fourth, find out the reasons for the problem

There are many reasons for the occurrence of welding quality problems. There are many aspects of welding quality problems. There are mechanical aspects, electrical aspect, network aspect, welding material, steel material, contact area of conductive parts, galvanized sheet grinding, cutting Of the size control, according to the problems to be checked one by one analysis. In addition to the above mentioned mechanical and electrical reasons, there are also network problems is also an important factor. First of all, some users with electrical overload, causing the network power supply voltage drop of more than 10% of the limit, it will obviously cause welding quality problems. Followed by the welding wheel conductivity, hardness, softening temperature on the weld quality also has a direct impact. As well as the quality of steel plate is good or bad, especially the level of carbon content on the welding quality also has a great impact, and then galvanized sheet if the grinding is not uniform or zinc layer grinding is not completely affect the quality of the weld, Cutting the size of the control is not accurate than a certain limit will be a quality problem, especially the first contact badge welding machine will affect the quality of welding, so in the adjustment of welding machine, first of all to find out the cause of the problem, the impact The quality of the hidden danger completely resolved in order to truly ensure the quality of welding.

Five, choose a good operation, maintenance personnel

Sewing machine is the key equipment for the production of steel drums. The selection of the operation personnel is of great importance to the adjustment of the sewing machine. Therefore, it is very important to select the high degree of culture, have a certain mechanical basis, They are willing to use their brains, good at analyzing the reasons, diligent summary of the recorded data, which can greatly reduce the seam welder failure factor to ensure the quality of steel drum production and stability, and can improve the production efficiency of seam welding machine.