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Longitudinal Seam Welder Main Feature

Longitudinal Seam Welder  automatic welding machine is a high quality, high efficiency, no deformation to complete the wall thickness of 0.5mm a 6mm thin-walled cylinder, cone-shaped cylinder, flat or one end of the open side of the square box welding joint welding general automatic welding equipment. (CO2 / MIG / MAG), plasma (including aluminum), stainless steel, Welding, submerged arc welding and other welding power to form a set of vertical seam automatic welding system. The equipment can be widely used in thin-walled pressure vessels, auto parts, household appliances, medical machinery, building decoration, food machinery and other manufacturing industries all need longitudinal seam welding occasions

main feature

The welding host adopts cantilever structure, and the two cantilever beams are annealed to the stress treatment to ensure long deformation of the beam.

Pneumatic key compression structure, along the straight side of the tightly arranged on both sides to ensure that the butt weld in the entire length of the uniform pressure within the welding; left and right keys to adjust the pitch can be adjusted to meet the welding of different parts;

According to the thickness of the workpiece size can be used balloon or cylinder type, to ensure adequate pressure to prevent the welding process of thermal deformation;

Welding mandrel inlaid with copper tire, to provide weld back gas protection function; according to the cylinder or flat workpiece processing different welding process tank, to achieve single-sided welding double-sided molding;

Welding mandrel and key pressure adjustable pitch, can be adapted to different parts welding requirements;

Torch walking using DC servo motor drive, rack and pinion drive, track surface by grinding, walking smooth, stable and reliable welding.

All trachea, cable placed in the towline, the appearance of clean and beautiful, while avoiding cable disconnection.