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Seam Welder Safe Operating Procedures

Weld welder is the welding parts assembled into a lap or butt joint and placed between the two roller electrodes, roller electrode pressure welding and rotating, continuous or intermittent pulse transmission, forming a continuous weld resistance welding machine The It can also be said that the seam welder is a kind of evolution of spot welding. The seam welding is widely used in the manufacture of joints requiring sealing, and is sometimes used to weld ordinary non-hermetic sheet metal pieces. The thickness of the metal material to be welded is usually 0.1 to 2.5 mm.

1. Purpose:

Develop this procedure to ensure that the safe operation of the seam welding machine is in a controlled state to ensure product stability and reliability.

2. area:

This provision applies to the safe operation and operation of the welding machine and the training of new employees.

3. Safety Precautions:

1. The equipment requires the operator to have skilled welding operation technology and a certain degree of electrical safety knowledge, all operations must be carried out after the professional training.

2. Be familiar with the "operation" and "emergency stop" button positions of the device to understand the function of the ring welder and the associated safety precautions.

3. Operators must carefully read the instructions before use, according to the procedures of operation, non-operating personnel shall not be allowed to boot operation.

4. Operators must wear human safety precautions such as helmets, goggles, firecoats, safety gloves, etc.

5. Operators are not allowed to wear loose clothing operation, shall not use shawls, bracelets and other items, so as not to bring hidden dangers.

6. Gap welding machine to have a standard safe grounding, the operator should be insulated with the earth and the workpiece.

7. Ensure that the welding circuit is safe and reliable.

8. Gap welding machine welding with strong light and accompanied by flue gas, smoke is harmful to health, workplace should be ventilation, exhaust equipment.

9. The splash in the welding process may cause a fire, so the workplace can not be flammable and explosive and other dangerous goods.

10. Electrical cabinet, welding power and other parts with strong power, power work, not illegal operation and contact to prevent electric shock.

11. Personnel who are not professionally qualified shall not repair or alter this equipment.

4. Operation and use:

1. According to the welding material, thickness, selection of welding wire and protective gas to determine the welding machine parameters, set in the welding power supply.

2. According to the process requirements, then mix the gas and adjust the gas flow.

3. Turn on the power switch on the electrical box, the power is on, and the power indicator is on.

4. Press the corresponding button on the control box to detect the rotation mechanism, cylinder telescopic, etc. Note that the limit switch is working properly. If any obstruction and abnormal condition are found, use the emergency stop button immediately, cut off the power supply so that all Of the contactors are in the open state, and then maintenance, to ensure personal safety.

5. Switch the state on the panel to the manual position, place the product to be welded and the tooling into the appropriate position, and press the jog button to adjust the position of the torch.

6. Welding machine in the operation of various functions shall not be jitter, pause or abnormal sound, if there should be immediately stop, check and troubleshoot.

7. After the equipment has been used, move the welding head to the proper position and then turn off the power supply.

5. Maintenance and maintenance:

1. The equipment must be grounded to ensure safety.

2. When the equipment fails, should immediately cut off the power, and then check the maintenance, to continue to use.

3. Regularly check the machine rotation mechanism, cylinder operation.

4. found that the transmission mechanism has abnormal phenomena, such as vibration, abnormal sound, jamming, etc., should immediately stop using, check and repair.

5. Maintenance of electrical parts, must be carried out by professionals to ensure safety.

6. Always check the main plug, main cable, torch and negative connection is damaged and solid.