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Seam Welder Speed Uniform And Easy To Adjust

Sewing machine is widely used in hardware, household appliances, boxes and sealed thin-walled containers of welding, automotive, fuel tank and other industries, the most suitable for welding low carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials, pots, barrels, boxes and sealed thin-walled containers welding.

Using three-phase motor frequency control drive speed uniformity, easy adjustment, stability;

Welding machine circuit are used internal cooling, welding part of the use of external cooling method;

The rotary conductive part of the welding machine adopts the embedded silver tile structure, the conductive seat is fully sealed with oil-immersed conductive and lubrication, and the internal cooling is used to enhance the cooling effect of the conductive shaft. Improve the conductivity at the same time effectively prevent the bearing of the "killed" phenomenon, flexible rotation;

Seam welding machine in the use of the following basic characteristics:

1) The surface of the roller electrode is prone to damage and the surface quality of the weld is deteriorated. Therefore, the dressing of the electrode is a particularly noteworthy problem.

2) Since the cross-sectional area of the seam weld is usually more than 2 times the length of the base material, the damage must occur in the heat affected zone of the base metal. Therefore, the seam welding structure rarely emphasize the joint strength, the main requirements of its good sealing and corrosion resistance.

3) seam welding and spot welding is the same as the heat - mechanical joint welding process. In contrast, the role of its machinery in the welding process is not sufficient, the faster the faster the performance of the welding.

4) The seam welds are made up of solder joints that are overlapped with each other, so the splitting at the time of welding is much more serious than spot welding, which results in thick plate welding of high conductivity aluminum and magnesium alloys

Seam welding machine conductive grease to a special lithium soap thickener thickening of synthetic oil and add ultra-fine conductive filler, corrosion-resistant, oily agent and other additives from the appropriate process refined, designed for silver shaft pad welding machine Conductive shaft and brush lubrication and conduction, to improve the conductivity of the bearing pad to reduce the contact with the power resistance and temperature rise, extend the service life. Use temperature range: -40 ~ 150 ℃. Recommended applications: for silver bearing Seam welding machine and the bearing of the electrical contact surface of the electrical contact surface of the conductive, lubrication, anti-wear and protection, widely used in isolation knife, electrification line, plating production line, smelter electrolytic cell, crane electric rails, electrical vehicles sliding electrical contact (1), the fuselage (2), the upper and lower welding arms (4, 3), the electronic control device, the upper welding arm (4), the welding arm (5), the piston rod of the cylinder (5) is provided with an electrically connected copper seat (13), the upper electrode is connected with the copper seat (13) through the upper electrode connecting piece (11) (3) is provided with a lower electrode support (10), and the lower welding arm (3) is provided with a telescopic electrode (7) (7), and the lower electrode is connected with the lower electrode holder (10) through the lower electrode connecting piece (12), and the lower electrode is connected with the lower electrode support (10) The welding quality is poor and the efficiency is low, with reasonable structure, easy maintenance, easy operation, welding speed, high production efficiency, stable welding quality, no environmental pollution and so on.