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Seam Welding Machine Troubleshooting

Seam welding machine troubleshooting

1. There is an air switch trip, the welding wheel is short-circuited and smoke.

Usually the transformer interlayer short-circuit or primary breakdown, the exclusion method: disconnect the transformer connection cable, check with a multimeter.

2. The controller displays the alarm and does not work. May be the controller water or water pressure is too low, there may be seam welding machine over current, under current, over voltage, under voltage. Exclusion method: check the cooling water pressure, water flow is normal, heat adjustment is reasonable.

3. Transformer vibration, air switch trip, the workpiece breakdown.

It is possible that the thyristor is single-tubeed or the die is fully piped. Remedy: Replace the thyristor.

4. Starting seam welding machine welding switch, the welding wheel does not come.

It is possible that the solenoid valve is not connected to the controller signal, the solenoid valve spool is not stuck, the solenoid valve coil has burned out. Exclusion method: Check whether the solenoid valve line current signal, such as no signal overhaul controller, manually press the solenoid valve for the action, such as no action to replace the solenoid valve.

5. The pad does not rotate after pressing the workpiece.

Exclusion method: Check whether the controller has the motor control signal, whether the relay of the control motor has the action, whether the motor has burned out, whether the speed changer has failed, whether the transmission shaft is falling off, whether the electrode shaft and the tile are killed The One by one investigation and handling.

6. There is no welding current after the welding wheel comes down.

Exclusion method: check whether the controller welding signal output, water pressure switch is open failure, one by one troubleshooting.

7. Welding wheel down on the fire:

It is possible to pressurize the time is too short, the supply of gas pressure can not keep up, the welding pressure is too small, the cylinder piston seal wear serious, causing the upper and lower air chamber string gas.

Remedy: extend the welding pressure time, increase the air pressure or configure the gas bag, replace the cylinder seal.

8. The weld is not clear.

Remedy: Check the surface of the welding wheel whether there is burr, iron ballast, rugged or correct whether the tooth tip wear, Seam Welder the working current is too large. Exclusion method: grinding wheel, exchange correction wheel, appropriate small welding current, check the grid voltage drop is too large.

9. weld head and tail cracking.

Exclusion method: There are two kinds of phenomena: First, the current is too large tear; Second, the current is too small cracking, Seam Welder if the tear to adjust the small current, if the crack to adjust the current.

10. Blue area width inconsistent.

Exclusion method: careful observation of the width of the blue area, no law may be a secondary circuit of a conductor parts of the contact surface is not good, there is a regular blue area of the slight changes in the width of the controller may be a problem. Remedy: Check the secondary circuit connection point. Maintenance controller.

11. The welding wheel is dislocated.

Remedy: Seam Welder It may be that the conductive sleeve wears too much and changes the conductive shaft and the conductive sleeve.