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The Application Of Welding Robot In China

  The Application of Welding Robot in China

  China developed industrial robots later than the United States and Japan, from the 20th century, 70 years, early in the university and research institutes of spontaneous research. By the mid-1980s, there was no industrial robot in the country. In foreign countries, industrial robots are already a very mature industrial products, in the automotive industry has been widely used. In view of the situation at home and abroad, the national "seven five" research program will be the development of industrial robots included in the plan, the industrial robot for research, in particular, the application as an important part of the assessment, so that the robot technology and users Up, so that the Chinese robot in the initial stage to aim at the practical direction.

  At the same time in 1986 will be the development of robots included in the national "863" high-tech program. On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the implementation of the national "863" plan, Comrade Deng Xiaoping put forward the goal of "developing high technology and realizing industrialization". On the basis of the development of the domestic market and the technical reserve of the robot technology research, the 863 thematic expert group has been adjusted and extended in time to the main direction. The industrial robot and the application engineering are the focus of research and development. Application to promote key technologies and basic research development policy, later included in the national "eight five" and "nine five". After more than ten years of continuous efforts, in the country's organization and support, China's welding robot research in basic technology, control technology, key components and other aspects of the significant progress has been entered, and has entered the use of the stage, Arc welding robot products, to achieve small batch production. China's welding robot applications are mainly concentrated in the automotive, motorcycles, construction machinery, railway locomotives and other major industries. The car is the largest user of the welding robot and the earliest user.