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The Type Of Seam Welder Is Really Varied

  The type of Seam Welder is really varied, in the rapid development of the machinery industry today, we also have a great need to understand the corresponding machine, especially the seam welder. But the type of seam Seam Welder is indeed a lot of different stages in the welding, it is necessary to use a different seam welder. Among them, the seam Seam Welder is one of the following let Xiaobian to tell us what is the seam Seam Welder and other performance and some related matters needing attention.

  First, what is the seam Seam Welder

  Ring-type Seam Welder, also known as girth seam automatic Seam Welder, it is a kind of welding through the circular welding of automatic welding equipment. Can be used to weld stainless steel, aluminum and other materials, according to the size of the workpiece shape is not different, can be divided into vertical seam automatic Seam Welder vertical seam Seam Welder, horizontal ring automatic Seam Welder, welding positioner, welding operation machine, Automatic ring Seam Welder. Mainly widely used in fire equipment, liquefied petroleum gas cylinders, hydraulic cylinders and other items of welding.

  Second, the characteristics of seam Seam Welder

  The girth Seam Welder uses a unique speed control circuit, which contains a high cost and the controller, and the amount of welding of the weld can be set in advance by its digital control, its controller can be a unique control output signal and output interface Perform precision welding works. Requirements of the welding process to have anti-interference, high-quality optimization and other necessary features. In addition, it can be widely used for welding of welds on ring welds. The seam Seam Welder has automatic welding function, through the stepless adjustment of welding speed, so that the welding speed quickly displayed on the control panel above; the entire device has a great intelligence, is a modern grade of machinery.

  Third, the use of seam Seam Welder

  Carbon steel, stainless steel round workpiece butt welding need to seam the automatic Seam Welder perfect combination, stitching mainly include single and double seam two forms. Girth Seam Welder and vertical girth Seam Welder compared to the case, the seam Seam Welder welding the size of the weld is not a lot of requirements. Especially up to one to four meters long pipe can be precision welding. Girth Seam Welder can also be used in liquefied gas tank hydraulic cylinders, drive shafts, fire equipment, chemical and medical containers of welding.

  Fourth, the heat source of the seam Seam Welder

  The heat source of the ring seam Seam Welder mainly includes the necessary heat source such as the core wire arc welding, the tungsten gas protection arc welding, the plasma arc welding, the melting pole gas shield welding, the drug core wire arc welding and the resistance welding.

  Through my story, I believe we have been familiar with the understanding of the ring seam Seam Welder, I hope everyone in the rapid development of mechanization today, you can fully grasp the various types of mechanical knowledge to speed up the development of modern mechanized technology in China, as one A modernized mechanized elite.