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The Welding Robot Improves The Working Conditions Of The Workers

  The welding robot improves the working conditions of the workers

  The welding robot is able to occupy more than 40% of the total industrial robot, and this special industry related to welding, welding as an industrial "tailor" is a very important industrial production means of processing, and because of welding dust, arc, metal splash The existence of welding the working environment is very bad, the quality of welding quality of the product has a decisive impact. The use of welding robots has the following main significance:

  (1) to stabilize and improve the quality of welding to ensure its uniformity. Welding parameters such as welding current, voltage, welding speed and welding dry elongation of the welding results play a decisive role. The welding quality of each weld is constant when the robot is welded, and the quality of the weld is less affected by the human factor, which reduces the requirement of the worker's operation technology. Therefore, welding robot the welding quality is stable. And manual welding, welding speed, dry elongation and so are changing, it is difficult to achieve the quality of uniformity.

  (2) improved the working conditions of the workers. The use of robotic welding workers is only used to load and unload the workpiece, away from the welding arc, smoke and splash, etc., for the spot welding workers are no longer carrying heavy manual welding tongs, so that workers from the high-intensity manual labor freed.

  (3) to improve labor productivity. Robot without fatigue, 24 hours a day continuous production, and with the high-speed and efficient welding technology applications, welding robot the use of robot welding, the efficiency of the more obvious.

  (4) product cycle clear, easy to control product output. The production rhythm of the robot is fixed, so the arrangement of the production plan is very clear.

  (5) can shorten the product replacement cycle, welding robot reduce the corresponding equipment investment. Can achieve small batch production of welding automation. The biggest difference between a robot and a plane is that he can modify the program to suit the production of different parts.