Tandem Orbital Tube Plate Welding

Tandem Orbital Tube Plate Welding
Product Details

Tandem Orbital Tube to Plate Welding


1. Main Features

To improving welding efficiency, we designed two head orbital welding machine for our customers, to meet their welding speed requirements.

The machine is specially designed in oil and gas industry for all kinds of heat exchanger, boiler, pressure vessel, aerial cooler, etc.

The machine head can rotate 360 degrees on the horizontal surface, which is convenient for replacing tungsten and wire feed fine adjustment.

There are four welding methods: 1 welding one layer, no filling wire; 2 welding one layer, filling wire; 3 welding two layers, the first layer is not filled, the second layer is filled; 4 welding two layers, both are filled.


2. Equipment Structure

2.1 Dedicated welding operating frame

Four roller wheels are provided at the bottom of the frame, which can move the frame in any direction, handwheels are mounted in each adjustment direction, which is convenient for operators to use.

Technical data

Moving distance

X direction


Y direction


Z direction


Min. ground distance



The frame adopts new linear sliding rail, the sliders are made in South Korea, smooth operation and long service life. The rail is made of high carbon steel, fine grinding and chrome plating, which can realize left and right, up and down movement, depression angle, elevation angle and front and back micro motion (The front and back movement adopts a diagonal rack to ensure easy movement). The frame column, beam and three-dimensional adjustment adopt square steel structure with excellent steel properties. The three-dimensional adjustment is mounted on the column, which can move up and down along the column, the column and the beam move horizontally, and is equipped with a balancing device to prevent falling up and down. All moving directions have damping adjusting devices.

2.2 Special welding head

The machine head is composed of rotating mechanism, wire feeding mechanism, main shaft, cooling mechanism, cabinet, tungsten pole device, fixed core rod, connecting cable, etc. Aviation plugs use military products. The machine head can be rotated 360° in the horizontal position for easy replacement of tungsten. The head will automatically reset after each tube head is welded (rotation), rotary angle can be set in the range of 0-30°, the welding speed can be appropriately increased and the labor intensity can be reduced.


Welding Torch With Additional Gas Protection


3. Parameter Tables

Input power three-phase four-wire

380 10% V

Rated output capacity

13.9 KVA

Rated input current

19 A

Rated no-load voltage

73 V

Rated operating current

400 A

Current adjustment range

4-400 A

Rated load continuous rate


Pulse width adjustment range


Pulse frequency adjustment range

0.2-10 S

Pulse current waveform

Square wave

Current frequency adjustment range

More than 30 S

Welding torch speed

0.2-5 S

Wire speed

50-2000 mm

Weldable pipe outer diameter range

12-90 mm

Argon flow

Less than 15 min


4. Welding Quality Show



5. Our Service

5.1 Pre-sales: Our factory provide a detailed pre-sales technical guidance, welding machine select, technical parameter configure.

5.2 Sale-service: If need,we can send our engineer to go to your factory to help installing our welding machine, train the workers and make sure the welding machine running well before he leave.

5.3 After-sales: In the guarantee time (1 year), we will send the spare parts to you for free. And provide the technical consultant at anytime. If more terrible, we can send our engineers to your factory.