Tube To Tube Welding Machine

Tube To Tube Welding Machine
Product Details

Tube to Tube Welding Machine


Tube to tube welding torch

1. Equipment Overview

1.1 The equipment is mainly used in electronics, instrumentation, pharmaceutical, food, engineering installation, military and other industries.

1.2 It is suitable for thin - walled carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy and other materials.

1.3 The welding torch adopts closed all-position welding method.


2. Technical Parameter

2.1 Welding tube diameter: Φ19.05-76.2mm.

2.2 Tungsten electrode diameter: 1.6-2.4mm.

2.3 Welding method: rotating non-wound all-position welding, and automatic reset function.

2.4 Welding tube fitting form: straight tube, tube flange, tube elbow butt joint form, no beveling, self-welding.

2.5 Protective gas: argon.

2.6 Cooling method: water circulation cooling.

2.7 Cooling water flow: 1000ml/min.

2.8 Rated welding current: 120A, duty cycle 100%.

2.9 The welding torch handle is equipped with operation button, which is convenient for operation and improves work efficiency.

2.10 The welding torch is used with the MWA-200 integrated welding control power supply.

2.11 Welding torch dimensions:



Integrated welding control power supply

1. Composition

1.1 Single chip microcomputer control system

1.2 Welding power system

1.3 Cooling water circulation system


2. Equipment Overview

2.1 Mainly used in electronic instruments, pharmaceutical, food, semiconductor, engineering installation, military and other industries.

2.2 Digital, intelligent, stable and reliable performance, easy to learn and operate.

2.3 Features such as setup, storage, recall, printing, password protection, and software upgrade.


3. Technical Parameter



Input power

AC220V ±10%  50/60Hz

Power type


Rated load duration

120A  100%

Insulation grade


Protection grade

IP 23

Welding current   range


Control function

Argon gas control, head rotation control, welding current constant current and pulse control Interval partition parameter function (Can be divided into 8 intervals) Welding parameter storage function (30 sets of parameters can be stored)

Protection function

Overvoltage,  overcurrent, leakage, water temperature overheat protection, phase loss detection

Size L x W x H (mm)





4. Main Configuration Supplier

Equipment name

Equipment accessory

Manufacturer and brand


MWA-200 Integrated  welding control power supply

Power supply

Germany imported


Single chip microcomputer





Color 10 inch touch screen

Electrical components

Schneider, Omron


Wire and cable

International standard cable


Water pump



MWF-80 Tube to  tube welding torch




Water and gas joint

Self made


Mechanical parts

Precision machining, modular design

Special materials


Tube Cutting Machine

1. Technical Parameter

Tube inner diameter range


Cutting material

Non-alloy steel, low alloy steel, high alloy steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metal, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, composite material and plastic products

Drive motor

Single phase AC motor

Physical dimension

390 × 290 × 560 mm

15.35 × 11.42 × 22.05 inch

Motor power

1300 w

Rotating speed

30-200 r/min




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