Auto Car Wash Equipment

Auto Car Wash Equipment
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Auto Car Wash Equipment



The auto car wash machine controlled by intellectualized computer with the functions of automatic inspecting, moving spraying, washing, waxing, drying, cleaning wheel and chassis. The car wash system can offer professional wash for cars, jeeps and all kinds of minibus quick and clean.



Machine Size (cm)

200×370×290  (L*W*H )

Washing Size (cm)

210×200  (W*H )

Track Length


Floor Space


Power Supply

380V   25KW

Water Supply


Water Consumption


Washing Speed

20 vehicle/hour


Car wash machine special brushes imported from the USA

Drying System

4 groups

Bottom Spraying


Water Recycling System




- Cost-effective use from 2500 washes/month.

- Multiple wash programs contains all necessary functiont for a successful washing operation.

- Drying with an integral dryer or roof and side drying as preferred.

- Soft foam or nylon brush, washes gentry without wearing.

- Frequency control at the travel and lift drives for a careful smooth running and variable speeds.

- Precise control, contour-tracking washing and drying.

- Optional 7 brushes, 5 brushes, 3 brushes, drying blowers, under chassis washing systems, shampoo system, wax system and water recycling system.

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Q: Why choose Pyramid?

A: Pyramid is a very professional car wash equipment supplier. We have rich experience in this industry.

Q: I want invest the car washing business, what kind of markets are suitable for the car wash system?

A: Pyramid automatic car wash machine have a proven, time-tested track record in providing solutions for: Car wash center, Motor beauty shop, Car service and repair center, Auto 4S shops, Gas station, etc.

Q: Which service will you offer?

A: Besides to manufacture tunnel car wash machine, rollover car wash machine, bus and truck wash, wheel wash system with our own brand. We also offer ODM and OEM from all customers’ requirements.

Q: Who will install my car wash machine?

A: We will arrange the Senior Technical Engineer to guide installation, debugging, training if you need.

Q: How long will the machine quality guarantee?

A: We have made the car wash system running-in times before leaving factory, and the failure rate is approaching zero. The whole car wash system guaranteed one year.