Automatic Car Wash Equipment

Automatic Car Wash Equipment
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Automatic Car Wash Equipment

1. Brief Induction 
The automatic car wash equipment is 5 brush rollover car wash machine with dryers made in Chinese factory. The automatic car wash equipment is used for washing, waxing and drying the surface of sedan and all kinds of mini bus. The whole wash process is controlled by computer, fast and reliable, clean and low water consumption. The car wash machine is widely used in car operations, sales, service, maintenance and other industries.

2. Design Feature 
- Reciprocating structure, small land occupation, quick returns.
- Importing electrical components from Germany, France, Japan and other well-known manufacturers, stable and reliable.
- Selection of imported car wash machine dedicated brush, lifetime warranty.
- Two different styles of choice, status indicator or highlight LED.

3. Function Feature 
- Five groups of efficient cleaning brushes, all-round cleaning, leaving no dead ends.
- Multi-group photoelectric sensor, accurate measurement of vehicle shape.
- According to the vehicle dirty degree, there are different procedures to choose.
- You can use or shield the cleaning parts as needed.
- Car wash counting function, recording day cleaning and total cleaning vehicle numbers.
- Washing machine operation steps are indicated by the touch screen or the status indicator.

4. Technical Parameter 


PG-5BD (5 brushes and 4 dryers)

Machine Size (cm)

220×370×285  (L*W*H )

Washing Size (cm)

520×200×200  (L*W*H )

Track Length


Usable Area


Adaptable Vehicle

Sedan, all kinds of Minibus

Washing Ability

20 vehicle/hour


Five groups

Drying System

Profiling 4 groups

Function Selection

Water washing, Brush washing, Detergent washing, Waxing washing, Air drying

Power Supply

380V   20KW

Water Consumption

70L/vehicle (100L/vehicle when use high pressure water)

Bottom Spraying


5. Working Process Photos 

Washing System:


Foam & Wax System:


Drying System:


After Washing:


6. Cases Show 


7. FAQ
Q: I want invest the car washing business, what kind of markets are suitable for the car wash system?
A: Pyramid automatic car wash machine have a proven, time-tested track record in providing solutions for: Car wash center, Motor beauty shop, Car service and repair center, Auto 4S shops, Gas station, etc.
Q: Which service will you offer?
A: Besides to manufacture tunnel car wash machine, rollover car wash machine, bus and truck wash, wheel wash system with our own brand. We also offer ODM and OEM from all customers' requirements.
Q: Can you provide the voltage of my country?
A: Yes, we can. We have sold our products in over 50 different countries all over the world. We can offer all the different voltages in different countries.
Q: Who will install my car wash machine?
A: We will arrange the Senior Technical Engineer to guide installation, debugging, training if you need.
Q: How long will the machine quality guarantee?
A: We have made the car wash system running-in times before leaving factory, and the failure rate is approaching zero. The whole car wash system guaranteed one year.