Car Wash Equipment Manufacturers

Car Wash Equipment Manufacturers
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Car Wash Equipment Manufacturers


Brief Introduction

The Car Wash Business is booming right now with low operating expenses and a very pleasing net profit. No matter what happens, it is likely that as long as there are cars, there will always be a need for car washes. It is a very correct choice to use the professional full-automatic PG-3BD car wash equipment  to clean the car, which not only guarantees the car cleaning, but also protects the car paint from infringemen.


Technical Parameter

Machine Size (cm)

200×370×290  (L*W*H )

Washing Size (cm)

210×200  (W*H )

Track Length


Floor Space


Power Supply

380V   25KW

Water Supply


Water Consumption


Washing Speed

20 vehicle/hour


Car wash machine special brushes imported from the USA

Drying System

4 groups

Bottom Spraying




1.It can clean all kinds of cars and minivans.

2. Imported foreign foam brush for car washing machine with high cleaning degree and no damage to the car.

3. Advanced water knife system, highlight LED real-time indicator system and copy strong air drying system.


- High efficiency silence dryer.

- CPU control systems.

- Automatic wax and foam formulating system.

- Wax sprinkling system.

- Third generation foam brush.

- High pressure water systems.

- The thin film operate panel with flame retardant and weather resistance.


Our factory

Car Wash has a professional design team and modern car washing equipment manufacturing base, the products in all parts of the country's gas stations, car wash, car beauty shop, 4S shops, bus stations widely used, highly recognized by the market. Car Wash products with excellent quality, the country's major automotive service chain identified as designated service providers.

The company's product line includes: tunnel continuous intelligent car wash system, gantry reciprocating intelligent car wash system, large channel bus intelligent car wash system, large mobile bus intelligent car wash system, medium bus intelligent car wash system, contactless smart car wash system, construction vehicles Intelligent car wash system, garbage truck intelligent car wash system.



Typical Project