Car Wash Machine

Car Wash Machine
Product Details

Car Wash Machine


Brief Induction 

The car wash machine works automatically. It can detective the exterior of vehicles auto and use advanced electron-optical detection system to make feedback. The parts are controlled by Japanese Mitsubishi programmable control system and the main electrical equipment, sensors and pneumatic components are imported from Japan, Germany, France and other manufacturers originally. The brushes are special high-end car wash brushes which are imported from Italy and hurt-less for cars. It can wash vehicles quickly and completely, which is the ideal choice for car wash shop.



- Multiple wash programs: contains all necessary functions for a successful washing operation.

- Energy conservation and environmental protection:low noise and low current longer life.

- Simple structure: in linear type, easy in installation and maintenance.

- Wide range of uses: like scrubbing tile wall, storefront, window, etc.

- Keep speed easily: frequency control at travel and lift drives to keep smooth running and variable speeds.


Technical Parameter 

Machine Size (cm)

220×370×285  (L*W*H )

Washing Size (cm)

520×200×200  (L*W*H )

Track Length


Usable Area


Adaptable Vehicle

Sedan, all kinds of Minibus

Washing Ability

20 vehicle/hour


Five groups

Drying System

Profiling 4 groups

Function Selection

Water washing, Brush washing, Detergent washing, Waxing washing, Air   drying

Power Supply

380V   20KW

Water Consumption

70L/vehicle (100L/vehicle when use high pressure water)

Bottom Spraying





Main Characteristics 

Occupy small area, cheap price, easy operation, flexible function, high degree automation, beautiful appearance, energy conservation and environment protection, long service life, low cost of car washing, low cost of repair, good anti-rust performance, good reliability.

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