Computer Car Washing Mahine

Computer Car Washing Mahine
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Computer Car Washing Machine


The computer car washing machine is automatic computer control, high automation, easy operation, complete functions, good appearance, energy saving, long life, low cost car wash, repair, low cost, low-cost car wash, anti-embroidered performance good reliability. The whole frame are made of standard steel and it has been processed strict anti-corrosive treatment. Further more it can guarantee the good appearance as well as a life span up to 15 years. Full automatic computer car washer, our company purchases the most advanced and stable component parts. All its electric control parts, electric machinery, pneumatic parts, air control parts and sensors are from and Japan, France and other countries international brands.


- Big brush cleaning function: Swipe back and forth with both sides, make the vehicle front to back had no dead ends, make it more cleaner. The large-side brush automatically tilts according to the slope of the car types, gently wrapping the body to achieve a cleaning effect.

- Top brush cleaning function: According to different types of car, auto-controlled brush rise up and down, it can be more safe and reach an ideal effect.

- Tire cleaning function: Adapt to various patterns of steel rings and tires, special washing wheel nozzle matched with forward and reverse rotation of brush during brushing, can reach the best cleaning effect.


Machine Size (cm)

200×370×290  (L*W*H )

Cleaning Size (cm)

210×200  (W*H )

Track Length


Floor Space


Power Supply

380V   25KW

Water Supply


Water Consumption


Washing Speed

20 vehicle/hour


Car wash machine special brushes imported from the USA

Drying System

4 groups

Bottom Spraying




- Side brush positioning technology, the shortest car washing machine in China, the length of track is only 8 meters.

- Vehicle detection technology.

- Multi selection of car washing methods.

- Sector supper swing high pressure water system.

- Ultra fast car washing speed, only 3 minutes for each car.

- The technology of the side brush beyond the center line.

- Waterproof film button switch.

- fault self inspection.

- 4 inch LCD screen, all English, the whole prompts SENTEC SALON V3.2 system security and stability.



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Q: What's your product advantages?

A: Pyramid company insist do China high end quality car wash machine for over 20 years, machine use 8 years won't be a problem. Lower rate of fault, high stability, famous brand components, rich experience, brand, precious craft all is the features of machine.

Q: Can you provide the voltage of my country?

A: Yes, we can. We have sold our products in over 50 different countries all over the world. We can offer all the different voltages in different countries.

Q: Who will install our machine?

A: We will dispatch 2 rich experience engineers to your site to give instructions of installation and train work.

Q: What is the warranty of machine?

A: The equipment warranty become effective when you receive the machines, and the warranty period is 1 year. We provide spare parts to maintain the machine life-long and client need to pay the cost after warranty period.