Vehicle Washing Equipment

Vehicle Washing Equipment
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Vehicle Washing Equipment


Brief Introduction 

The vehicle washing equipment is suitable for the small and medium size vehicle to high pressure water washing, wax, drying and chassis cleaning. The car wash business is booming right now with low operating expenses and a very pleasing net profit. No matter what happens, it is likely that as long as there are cars, there will always be a need for car washes.



Product Name

Vehicle Washing Equipment


 Car Wash Equipment

Machine Size (L*W*H )

2500*3500*3000 (mm)

Installation Size

10000*3700*3200 (mm)

Adaptable Vehicle

Sedan, SUV, MPV, Minibus

Power Supply


Total Power


Washing Speed


Power Consumption


Water Consumption


Operation System

PLC/Touch Screen



- Super soft brushes, impossible to scratch lacquer, each set could be used for about 100,000 car-times.

- Automatic control and multi-function operation, such as washing, drying and wax.

- Water recycling system optional to protect environment and save water.

- Foam brush does not contain rubber. It can achieve the ideal effect of washing the car without damaging the car paint.



- High efficiency silence dryer.

- Identification technology on car body.

- Foam sprinkling system.

- Wax sprinkling system.

- Third generation foam brush.

- Hot-dip galvanized frame

- High pressure water systems.

- The thin film operate panel with flame retardant and weather resistance.

Processing Flow 



How to Installation

If small size car wash machine, we can teach you how to installation and how to maintenance. We have theses video and documents can help customers. We also have emote control for standard car wash machine, so even we are in China, we can inspection all the machines.

If big size car wash machine, our engineers also can come to customer location to install and inspection if need.



Daily maintenance

1.Make sure the operator knows how to operate the car washing machine.

2. Before operating, it is sure to check whether there are obstacles around the machine. For safety reasons, there should be no human beings or remains in the car washing range.

3. When working with the machine, the operator must not leave the post without permission, and be ready for emergency response at any time, so as to minimize the loss caused by negligence.

4. Do not touch the control panel and the control element when your hands are wet, or spray water on the control panel to avoid accidental injury and machine failure.

5. When repairing or maintaining it, the power should be truly switched off to ensure the safety of personnel.

6. Please turn off the power when leaving work or there is thunderstorm.

7. When the car washing machine works, please make sure that the door of the electric control cabinet and the air control cabinet is closed, and it is strictly forbidden to pile up sundries in the electric control cabinet.

8. It is strictly forbidden to touch or change the control elements and lines in the electric and gas control cabinet, otherwise it will easily cause system failure.

9. Please do the following basic maintenance before starting the car washing machine daily to ensure the normal operation.