Car Washing Equipment

Car Washing Equipment
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Car Washing Equipment



Different with reciprocating type, tunnel type car wash equipment has beautiful glass outside, so that the whole washing process is visible. Meanwhile , conveyor takes car through each washing process, finally brings the car to the other side when the washing procedure is completed.


Technical Data 



Machine Size (L×W×H)


Wash Size (W×H)


Conveyor Length


Usable Area


Power Supply


Total Power


Water Supply


Water Consumption

160 L/Vehicle

Washing Ability

40-60 Vehicle/Hour

Short Brush

4 Sets

Top Horizontal Brush

1 Set

Big Side Brush

4 Sets

Profiling Dryer

1 Set

Fixed Big Dryer

1 Sets

High Press Water Jet

1 Set

Bottom Spraying System

1 Set



- Big brush cleaning function: Swipe back and forth with both sides, make the vehicle front to back had no dead ends, make it more cleaner. The large-side brush automatically tilts according to the slope of the car types, gently wrapping the body to achieve a cleaning effect.

- Top brush cleaning function: According to different types of car, auto-controlled brush rise up and down, it can be more safe and reach an ideal effect.

- Tire cleaning function: Adapt to various patterns of steel rings and tires, special washing wheel nozzle matched with forward and reverse rotation of brush during brushing, can reach the best cleaning effect.

- Foam cleaning function: Completely washing the dust on car body surface, make it more shiny.

- High pressure water jet cleaning function: Use multichannel high pressure spray the water, completely wash away the tiny sand particles and dust attached to the body for safer brushing.

- Blowing function: Strong air blowing effect, it is the best equipment for saving manpower.

- Waxing function: Spray wax on the car body to make it more luminous as a new one.

- Chassis cleaning function: Multiple bottom spray systems can automatically spray the bottom of the vehicle.



- Nice and modern appearance will enhance the impression of your garage.

- Flushing, washing and drying in one time, save manpower.

- Suitable for large space in the open air.


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