Self Service Car Wash Systems

Self Service Car Wash Systems
Product Details

Self Service Car Wash Systems


Product Introduction 

This self service car wash systems are suitable for car, SUV, minivans and other vehicle’s washing, waxing and drying. With full automatic computer control system, the tunnel car wash machine adopts imported special brushes, to make sure safety of cars. High speed ,eco-friendly and energy saving. we can also design according to customer’s special request. The attractive design and innovate technology will bring you a wonderful business.


Technical Data 

Machine Size (L×W×H)


Wash Size (W×H)


Power Supply


Total Power


Water Supply


Water Consumption

160   L/Vehicle

Washing Ability

40-60   Vehicle/Hour



- Cleaning function:

The large side brushes: using both sides to wash back and forth to make the car cleaner. They are inclined automatically with the inclination of the car, and covered the car softly and equably, so the cleaning effect is better.

Top brushes: wash the top horizontal brush of the car, according to various cars’ models, automatic control brush hair lift, make brush wash to achieve safer cleaning effect.

- Wheel washing system:

Suitable for all kinds of different steel ring and tire, with special washing wheel spray head to match with the hair brush to turn and reverse, in order to achieve the best cleaning effect.

- Foam function:

Spray high-bubble cleaning fluid and multi group ultra-soft foam cotton to the vehicle surface and contour. The dirt on the surface of the car can be thoroughly washed to make the body more beautiful.

- High pressure water knife cleaning function:

High-pressure water spraying with multi-channel strong motor, the small grains of sand and dust that attach to the dry body are completely washed away.

- Auto drying:

Strong blowing effect is the best manpower saving.

- Water wax coated function:

Wax is a kind of liquid which can make a car look like new car ,it will look like bling bling!

- Chassis wash function:

Please drive slow, then you can wash your chassis more time.


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After-sale Service

Besides the high quality machines, we also offer you professional after-sale service as follows:

- Installation support:

Our technicians can be sent all over the world where you are to install the machines and guide you daily maintenance.

- English documents support:

We provide English operating manual and DVD document for each machine. It is clear enough and easy for user to operate. It includes how to install, how to maintain, how to deal with it when any possible problems occur.

- Life time technical support:

Our experienced customer support team will help you solve technical problems. We guarantee to respond to your inquiry within 24 hours, whether it comes by phone, mail or fax.

- Parts support:

Any accessories is available, we can deliver it to you when you demand it.