Tunnel Car Wash Systems

Tunnel Car Wash Systems
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Tunnel Car Wash Systems



The tunnel car wash system is controlled by intellectualized computer with the functions of automatic inspecting, moving, washing, waxing, drying, cleaning wheel and chassis. They apply for many models of automobiles such as car, commercial vehicles, micro-bus, and jeep. It is designed for water recycling device optional, with the function of environment protection and water saving.



1. Professional wash: Adopting advance technology and full module design, it is suitable for cars, jeeps and all kinds of minibus.

2. Economy and energy conservation: Reasonable design, small reactive power consumption when starting and stopping. Can be used according to different occasions, independent choice of different steam dry humidity, convenient economy, energy-saving effect is obvious.

3. Stable and durable: The main electrical components are imported from famous foreign factory, which can ensure safe and reliable and ensures the car washing machine stable and good working state for a long time.

4. Convenience and ease of use: Touch panel control screen is easy to operat. Full automatic design, as long as the switch on, without any technical requirements, all in control.

5. High configuration: Adopting the advanced high pressure system and the most advanced wash brushes which can wash completely. It also owns  the advanced high pressure system to achieve high pressure pre-wash, agent wash, brush wash, spraying wax, drying and polishing in one turn.

6. Fault self - check system: When the machine fails during operation, it can be self-checked by the control system and the result of inspection can be translated into the corresponding fault code, then displayed on the control panel.

Technical Parameter 



Machine Size (L×W×H)


Wash Size (W×H)


Conveyor Length


Usable Area


Power Supply


Total Power


Water Supply


Water Consumption

160 L/Vehicle

Washing Ability

40-60 Vehicle/Hour

Short Brush

4 Sets

Top Horizontal Brush

1 Set

Big Side Brush

4 Sets

Profiling Dryer

1 Set

Fixed Big Dryer


High Press Water Jet

1 Set

Bottom Spraying System

1 Set

Product Detail 

Product Frame:



Electronic Control System:



Water Configuration:



Our Factory



Warranty and Service

- Maintenance:

We will give you the manual books for daily operation and maintain. We have unique maintenance system:

First, each machine is provided with fault diagnosis system. when breakdown happens, the touch screen will show you where is breakdown, and also tell you how to fix it.

Second, if you can not fix it by yourself, we get B plan --- intelligent operation system. That system will help you to stop failure parts of machine, let other parts of machine still normal operate. E.G. you get one automatic car wash machine with 5 brushes, one of 5 brushes do not work, you do not need to stop the whole system like other manufacturers do. Using Car Wash intelligent operation system, you just only need stop the wrong brush, and the other brushes will be working normally. So you will not waste time to fix the machine because of tiny problem. You can continue to do business.

- Installation:

We arrange our technician to your place for assembling and training, just round air ticket and accommodation will be paid by your side.

- Parts:

We will leave some spare parts such as sensors, motors and so on to you for your replacement. If you need the list, feel free to let me know!